PDC Approved Instructor Ley Jackson is a Hit at Local Children’s Festival

Lesley Jackson Pole Dancing Festival
On Sunday 27th June 2015, Lesley Jackson went along to pole dance at Highfield Fest in a small village in Northumberland Council. The event, which is for children and completely free ran all day from 11.00am – 16.30pm. The entertainment included dance groups, bands, an inflatable phone shaped bouncy castle, crazy golf and the bucking bronco. Lesley was there from 9.30am to set up her equipment and wait nervously for the crowds to arrive. Her equipment was of course 4 free standing R-Poles which she had brought along to the festival for the children to have a go on.


"Swarms of children surrounded her all day with their parents playing on the poles. The parents had a go as well as their male children, not only females,"


Lesley admits that she was terrified because of how people might react, but she certainly did not need to be! All Lesley Jackson Boys Pole-Dancingshe was looking to do was help change peoples’ attitudes towards pole fitness and let people have a go on the poles so they could see what all the fuss was about. She wished to remove any misconceptions around what she teaches as pole fitness. Although in the pole world, we all understand what pole dancing is to us, it still has not reached the majority of local people in smaller towns and villages. Lesley noticed this and targeted one of these areas to widen general knowledge of the sport.

When the doors opened, Lesley could relax. Swarms of children surrounded her all day with their parents playing on the poles. The parents had a go as well as their male children, not only females, and even a radio star had a go! Lesley had brought along some of her students from her studio to help out. She definitely felt that she had managed her goal by the end of the day, as plenty of parents were asking her where they could take their children to learn from her, and when lessons started as they wanted to carry on straight away!

"One woman who could not Lesley Jackson Pole Dancing Childrenunderstand why Lesley was going to be there .......... changed her perceptions after watching her daughter climbing the poles all day."

This small achievement in itself was enough for Lesley to know that she had been successful in what she sought out to do that day. She knew from that alone that her plan was working and that she was achieving what she wanted to achieve.


Since the event, the organisers have complimented Lesley massively, giving credit to the fact that she was the biggest hit of the whole weekend with her R-Poles. They are going to do a write-up in the local newspaper accompanied by photographs of what went on at the event. Lesley has received nothing but positive feedback from the weekend, which is exactly what we would expect from one of our own PDC approved instructors!


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