Stages Pole Fitness Showcase Success

Feature - PDC Approved 3 star Instructor Alex Copley - Stages Pole Fitness.

Alex Copley Pole Fitness Showcase

On Friday 22nd May, Stages Pole Fitness (SPF) opened its doors to friends and family for a one night only showcase. The showcase included 13 performances, made up of solos, doubles, a guest performance and a Superhero themed group piece! There was also an awards ceremony to highlight students for achievements such as: best attendance, most improved, most determined and best pole kisses!

"Pole is sometimes a misunderstood sport and so we really wanted to reach out to people and tell them about this fabulous community and the fitness aspect of the sport."


Alex Copley Pole Dance Performers

There was a raffle with donated prizes, which was a huge success and helped to raise enough money for several pieces of much needed poling equipment, such as crash mats. There was a Stages Pole Fitness birthday cake to celebrate coming on for two years as an established and successful class and guests received showcase programmes and free refreshments.  

“Pole is sometimes a misunderstood sport and so we really wanted to reach out to people and tell them about this fabulous community and the fitness aspect of the sport. We wanted to open up more minds and hearts to pole and give people an insight into why pole fitness is so popular and see how not only the sport itself, but the friendships formed can give people new found confidence and really make a difference in people’s lives. Our students always work so hard and so we wanted to use the evening as an opportunity to shine the spotlight on the achievements of SPF and all our students!

“It was incredible that so many people joined us, we felt very lucky to have such a great audience who cheered and clapped and helped us all through our pieces. Thank you to everyone who helped out or was part of the 'production team!’. Bring on next year!!” Megan, Assistant Instructor

Alex Copley Pole Dance Showcase

“What a perfect evening. I'm still feeling totally and utterly overwhelmed with excitement and happiness, I now know what it must be like to be a mum because I am just so proud of each and every one of my Stages Pole Fitness polers, they all absolutely blew me away with their bravery, pole tricks, confidence and performance! It was just fantastic to see everything come together! I would like to extend a special thanks to Claire, our guest performance (or performer) for the evening as she was amazing.

Alex Copley Pole Performers

“It was so heart-warming to have so much positive feedback from the audience and know that a few more people have now found some love for pole fitness, to know that we have a few newly ‘converted’ minds means the world to me! The showcase could not have Alex Copley PDC Approved Pole Instructorbeen such a massive success if not for the support of our wonderful performers and helpers and special thanks to Mummy Gillian (SPF Creative Director) for working so hard to help me organise tonight and my best friend and doubles partner Megan (Assistant instructor), who has been there every step of the way and is just remarkable. After the awards, my lovely girls presented me with some incredibly thoughtful gifts and I know that I am the luckiest instructor in the world!” Alex, Instructor - pictured left.

Stages Pole Fitness intends to host an annual showcase and awards evening, so make sure you get in touch if you would like to somehow get involved next year!

Interested in starting classes at SPF? Classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 8:00pm in Stages Performers Academy, Romford, Essex, UK.

Thanks to Happy Husky Face painting, Stephen Tierney Photography, Emma Corrine Photography and Norman C - Facilities.

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