PDC Approved 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Maria Fallas.

Maria Fallas Pole dancer
Maria Fallas is a master trainer who qualified with PDC Approved Course Vertical Dance in 2008. Maria now offers instructor training in both Spain and the UK. Maria has more than 20 years’ experience teaching a wide range of exercise and energy fitness principles that provide the tools and techniques that she considers ignite a 'wow' factor for life and completely revolutionize the 'way' and the 'why' people want to exercise.

She discovered the world of the pole fitness over 8 years ago whilst looking for a more functionally effective tool in the teaching and restoration of postural harmony and the optimization of a more neutral, natural alignment in sports, fitness and everyday life.

In 2008, she discovered the pioneering work of KT Coates and was extremely fortunate to be able to attend KT’s landmark Vertical Dance Pole Fitness Instructor training course. From thereon, Maria has employed the use of the vertical bar in all aspects of her exercise and energy fitness coaching.

Inspired by KT’s training methodologies and outstanding pole fitness philosophies, today she runs the Vertical Dance Pole Fitness Instructor Training Courses in Spain and aims to share this most versatile and remarkable form of exercise and precision conditioning with Spanish-speaking  fitness professionals, health practioners and recreational exercisers alike.”


Maria received this glowing reference from PDC Pioneer KT Coates;

"Maria has more fitness and mind body qualifications than I know of. There is not a single thing this lovely lady does not know about exercise. She is one of the best instructors I have ever come across. She is kind, caring and thoughtful. She loves pole and it shows in her teaching. Her passion is as endless as her enthusiasm."

Sam Remmer said "Maria has probably put in the most effort ever to gain 4 star status after she found it difficult to gain a first aid qualification in Spain she travelled to to the Uk to undertake a course. Maria is highly respected as a teacher and her CV says it all."

Maria's CV.

Education & Training

Professional Qualifications:

RSA Exercise to Music Instructor (Jul 1990)
YMCA – Aquarobics (Aug 1990)
EFIC European Fitness Instructor Certification (Aug 1995)Maria Fallas Vertical Dance Teacher
Colour and Style Consultant (1996)
Exercise GP Referral Instructor Specialist (ACE accredited) (Mar 1998)
YMCA - Sports Injuries (Jan 1999)
YMCA - Nutrition and Weight Management (Dec 1999)
3 Red Cross First Aid Certifications
YMCA - Core Stability (Oct 2002)
Introduction to Clinical Aromatherapy (Aug 2003)
Chromatherapy (2004)
Performance Stability – Core Stability Concepts Theory and Function (Feb 2005)
Performance Stability – Low Threshold Application to Core Stability Training (May 2005)
Performance Stability – Flexibility for Performance Muscle Extensibility (Mar 2006)
Performance Stability – Flexibility for Performance Connective Tissue (Mar 2006)
Village Music Circles (Arthur Hull) Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop (Sept 2006)
Therapeutic Drummer Practitioner (Jan 2007)
Village Music Circles Drum Circle Facilitator (level I & II) (Oct 2007)
Village Music Circles Monitor de Círculo de Tambores Nivel 1 (Mentor) (Nov 2007)
Reiki (level 1) (Mar 2007)
Wisdom of Healing, Chopra Centre (Jul 2009)
EFT level I (Jan 2011)
EFT level II (Jul 2011)
El Sentir los Tambores, International Music Academy (Apr 2011)
Kinetic Control, Solutions for the Shoulder (Jul 2012)
Capoeira (Brazilian martial art combining dance and music) Corda Verde-Crua (Aug 2012)
Zumba Instructor training (May 2015)

Fitness/Pole Qualifications:

Vertical Dance Pole Fitness Instructor – Beginner (Jan 2008)

Membership of Professional Bodies:

Pole Dance Community

Workshops, Courses & Masterclasses Attended:

Felix Cane Masterclass Day (Pole Artistry, Strut Spin & Floor, Flexibility, Tricks & Combos) 2010
Pippa Caeser Masterclass 2011
Daniel Rosen & Stevie Hilton Masterclass 2012
KT Coates’ Vertical Dance Beginner and Intermediate courses (as trainee and representative of Vertical Dance instructor training courses in Spain)

Additional Training with PDC Pole Schools & Instructors:

Representing KT Coates of Vertical Dance in Spain
Offering Vertical Dance beginner and intermediate professional instructor training courses in Spanish in Spain

Maria Fallas Pole Dancing InstructorTeaching History:

I have been teaching exercise to music and postural rehabilitation since 1990.
I have been specialising in functional stability and flexibility since 2006.
I have been teaching pole dance and pole core fitness since 2008.

Student's pole dancing success:

This is a curious subject for me as I feel that ‘success’ has so many different definitions and interpretations depending on an individual’s notion and meaning of success, however, in my personal experience and involvement, some of the most moving moments of  positive/successful achievement have been:

When a 65 year old single-leg amputee client of mine relearned how to improve his balance and sit down and get back up again independently without assistance due to his rehab training with the pole as a vertical support.  In his opinion, all other rehabilitation tools failed to allow him to develop the confidence, strength, kinaesthetic awareness and range of movement that he could acquire with the pole.

When a young mother of 3 on prescriptive drugs for depression, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks and stress overload comments, after just 2 months of classes (8 sessions), “I have never felt so good in my whole life.”  “I’m not screaming at my kids and husband anymore.”  “My doctor says I can start decreasing my medication.”

When, just after 3 sessions, a 17 year old tells me that she feels like a different person since she’s been coming to classes and has found the strength, self-esteem, courage and self-respect to stand up for herself against college bullies and an abusive boyfriend.

When a young man ‘finds himself’ and feels a strength and power he’s never known before and realises that he is capable of anything and discovers the confidence to follow his dreams and travel despite all negative criticism, condemnations and judgements against him from his controlling family.

The woman who has spent years working out and beating herself up with exercise, yo-yo dieting and has been prisoner of the scales and the fear of putting on weight discovers pole fitness and has finally found freedom and a passion for life and living, that she’s never known before.

Maria Fallas Pole Instructor trainingI could add many more anecdotes of people living life at a richer, more empowered level of experience due to their interaction of some kind with a vertical pole.

I suppose my definition of success has to be when a student expands their boundaries or consciousness, ability or level of knowledge beyond where they have been before with a resulting positive effect.

Particularly, it is when they discover a freedom from past limiting beliefs and they begin to see themselves in a new light; they feel and look different without all the striving and stress that is so commonly associated with standard exercise or life-style changes.

The pole seems to be a ‘key’ component in ‘unlocking’ whatever may have been limiting them previously. I can’t quite yet articulate what it is exactly that this type of exercise has that is so positively alchemical, but it seems to catalyse a positive transformation that comes from some profound change inside of a person…a change that once discovered, cannot be diminished nor taken away.   It seems that suddenly people discover that they’re ok, just as they are, because the strength and ability was there all the time. They just didn’t know how to (or have a way to) tap into it until now.

Continuing Professional Development:

POLE, EXERCISE - Every time I have a new client or a new mix of people, or even something new to teach or share, I learn a different way to communicate better, whether it be for a specific movement; a desired outcome; a focused observation (of self or otherwise) or the personal growth of more empathy, compassion, understanding, listening, reverence and kindness.

I expand my exercise prescription skills by attending courses as and when finances and logistics allow.

A high priority for me is to serve my clients to the best of my ability, therefore, I expand my personal knowledge and movement repertoire by reviewing the internet resources that are available and attending workshops whenever possible, however, I have to say, that my main aim is not to accumulate as many ‘moves’ as I can.  
I choose quality rather than quantity and to reinforce a postural health and harmony that promotes an inner balance, functional stability and unshakeable confidence.  
Of course, vertical growth is important, but I feel it must have the horizontal growth and ‘roots’ to consolidate and adequately support it.

Of particular importance to me is the pole fitness instructor training programs I am extremely privileged to run here in Spain for KT Coates.  

I am passionately enthusiastic about encouraging mindful movement, optimal alignment and exercise execution and conscientious, caring coaching.
It is my deepest desire to facilitate learning and alchemy in others and foster the conscious, compassionate communication and connection that helps lift other people, who are capable in turn of lifting other people, to the highest, most brilliant expression of themselves.  

It is a passionate devotion and constant daily delight for me to be able to have access to the teachings and texts of some of the greatest sages, philosophical and spiritual avatars of all time to support, nourish and enrich my own continuing evolution and development.

Pole Dancing Promotions Involvement:

I have spent many years ‘promoting’ fitness and indeed I still use the internet as a means of sharing with a wider audience, however, in my opinion, there is no greater, more authentically persuasive publicity than a genuine third-party endorsement or referral.

In fact, I have come to the conclusion that ‘promotion’ per se, particularly the exhibition type exposure, does not always create a positive effect.  Of course, it can raise awareness but I wonder how much awareness actually translates into positive action and benefit?

So… I now prefer to educate and, to quote Gandhi, “be the change I wish to see in the world.”
I aim to help those that want to, evolve and grow and inspire others to sow the seeds of positive change and brilliance, in turn with others.

Hence, I now forgo promotion via shows and performances and instead, choose to find ways to motivate and inspire people to do what they love because this, in my experience, is what really is of genuine benefit to them and what adds life-long lustre to their health, relationships and well-being.

Maria has been an ambassador for pole dancing spreading the word through media via TV and newspaper/magazines. There are simply too many links to share!

Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:

Pole ‘dance’ is a fabulous fitness activity that inspires and motivates many, however, I feel that ‘pole dance’ is just the tip of the iceberg…it is my aspiration to explore and share the immensely rich, precision conditioning and rehabilitation resource that also lies beneath.

This is a bold statement, but I truly feel that the use of a vertical bar in exercise prescription and execution could be the panacea the modern body needs!  In over 2 decades of teaching exercise therapy, I have not found a training system as effective, nor as efficient.  

With my knowledge of the Spanish language and my exercise background, I feel I am in an extremely privileged position to be able to educate more people (both fitness professionals and laypeople alike) and provide access to a fitness concept that has the potential, not only to virtually rewrite a person’s postural DNA, but also ignite an immense feel-good-factor and an inner sparkle that can add lustre and radiance to every facet in the jewel of life.

I aspire to add massive transformational value to the lives of those that are open to it and share exercise, energy and life fitness philosophies that have the potential to completely revolutionise the ‘why’ and the ‘way’ people choose to exercise, do what they do and care for themselves and others.

I aspire to be the person I was born to be and use my skills and knowledge with integrity, impeccability and wisdom and aim to serve a higher cause than my own personal goals.

I feel passionate about sharing a more conscious and ‘mindful’ model of living, that has the potential to catalyse a person’s emotional genius, support vibrant health and well-being and allow us to be the best version of ourselves imaginable.

For me, it’s not about where people have come from, what they’ve done, how strong or flexible they are; it’s about: “what do they want to do now with what they have and why?”

My most passionate interest is:

How can I help this person to get from where they are to where they want to go in the safest, most nurturing and supportive way possible?
How can I help them to activate and cohere the immense power and potential they have within them?
What can I do to add massive value to this person’s life experience of now?
What conversation can we have that might just facilitate a shift in awareness that could liberate them from whatever suffering,  slavery or spell that may be governing their choices, actions and reactions?
How can I help this person feel even better about themselves today?