PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Zoe Hardy.

Zoe Hardy Pole Dance teacher
Welcome to one of our latest PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructors Zoe Hardy who runs Pole Intentions. Zoe joined the Pole Dance Community in April 2015. We spoke to Zoe to find our more about her and her passion for pole dancing.

So tell us how long you have been pole dancing for?

"I have been teaching pole fitness since 2012 and it was my sister/co proprietor of Pole Intentions that inspired me to try pole fitness, Kelly Hickinbotham has taught me and inspired me, then I got addicted to it. I managed to pick it up quite quickly obviously getting stuck on more advanced lifts but with determination I carried on. 

I then started teaching pole myself and then decided to go for my pole instructor grading. Whilst teaching pole fitness I also work for the local leisure centres running fitness classes, teaching swimming and personal training."

"Pole fitness is not just another fad it's here to stay!"

What is your favourite pole trick?

"I wouldn't say I had a particular move I think they all need to be appreciated as no matter how easy or hard they are you have to learn the technique and skill of pole moves."

Have you ever competed or do you plan to compete in the future?Zoe Hardy Pole Fitness Instructor

"I have entered a student of mine into a pole competition in 2014 beginners category and proudly she came 2nd.   I would like to enter one myself but I have never performed in front of an audience like that and its a fear I would have to over come.

I volunteered to work as a pole pixie in 2014 for UKAPP to see how I would feel to be on stage. It wasn't too bad. I'm happy to support my students and help them with there routines for future competitions."

Which pole dancers inspire you?

"Pole dancers that inspire me are Lisiette Krol and Terri Fierce with there amazing pole double work, also Bendy Kate."

Aside from pole dancing what activities do you enjoy?

"My hobbies are same as my work I use the gym and fitness classes and also pole but I also love to spend time with my family,  I've recently got married and I have a super little boy that is my world. We also have a little doggy called Indy he's 2 yrs old."

Tell us about your pole and grip preferences?

"When I'm doing pole fitness I use a 50mm chrome xpole but recently been looking into getting a smaller 45mm. To grip!  I use wet chalk sometimes to stop my hands from slipping but that's all.  

I love pole dancing and the support you get from the pole community. You always have to set yourself little goals and push yourself to hit it then it's time to make another :-)


Tell us about your plans for your pole future?

"My plans for the future are to provide a pole dance studio in Ripley,  Derbyshire and to make it part of their community so it becomes as popular as any other sport like gymnastics,  swimming and football.  

Pole fitness is not just another fad it's here to stay!"