Inspiring Pole Dancers - Mother Daughter Pole Dancing Duo.

Mikki Pole-Dancing Mother
Within the pole dancing world, one group of people are always the hardest to win over. You tell them again and again that it is a fitness exercise and that you would never join in at a strip club (no matter how tempted you were), and yet many still refuse to listen. I am talking of course about parents, especially mothers.

Usually, fathers pass it off as a phase or simply ignore it because they can, while mothers often worry about the image you are portraying to the world and how exactly society will look at you. To overcome this stigmatism of mothers disliking pole dancing as a sport for their daughters, we here at the PDC have decided to tell you some lovely stories of mother-daughter pole dancing duos. They exist, they are wonderful people and each have their own story to tell.

Mikki Greenbank pictured left.

The first mother-daughter pole dancing duo I have had the pleasure of talking to is Meghan Greenbank and her mother, Mikki Greenbank. Meghan's mother was the first to take up the sport, beginning four years ago and finally allowing her daughter to join in just six months later. When she began, Meghan trained with Mikki weekly, attending pole dance classes at PDC Approved Dance School Dance Finesse in Lancashire where they formed a tight bond together.

Meghan says that it is nice to do something with her mother outside of Meghan Mother Daughter Pole Dancerseveryday life that they both equally enjoy, and believes that it gives them more to talk about. This has improved their relationship as friends, as well as strengthening the familial ties further, as they were already close before which made it easy for them to start, yet the sport has brought them closer than they could have imagined.

Meghan Greenbank pictured right.

Unfortunately, Meghan had to move on to university, so her and her mother no longer can train together. They do however keep in touch about what moves they are learning! Also, Meghan believes that it was her mum inspiring her to start pole in the first place which has led her to where she is now; the president of the University of York's Pole Exercise Club.

Meghan knows that she would not have had the courage to go for this role had Mikki not encouraged her into it. Meghan also teaches at the University of York, which she says is one of her favourite things about pole, alongside getting stronger, more flexible and learning new moves, such as cocoon, sexy flexy and Jade splits. Her mother also loves to learn new moves, such as handsprings and cupid as well as practising them on their home pole which is stationed in the kitchen!

Both the mother-daughter duo believe the stereotype of pole dancing is changing, as they got many joking, negative comments when they began which have now calmed down. People are now much more impressed with the women taking part in the sport together, as they often do not understand how the pair stay up the pole! They hope that the image keeps changing and improving, which Meghan herself is influencing by competing against Lancaster University in their rivalry 'roses', which is a small step to a greater outlook on pole dancing in the future.

Sophie Eminson, PDC Features writer.

if you have an story that you would like to to submit for our inspiring pole dancers series just drop us an e-mail and tell us your tale.

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