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Article written by AAP member Sophie Eminsondancer4
Sophie Eminson Pole dancing exam
For my Pole Dance Community online grading, I had the option of achieving a grading between levels 1 and 6, with 1 being the most beginner moves, mostly dance-related moves and spins, and level 6 incorporating the most difficult moves, including Phoenix spin and Batwing. I chose level 4, as it was the level which included the most moves I felt comfortable with practising.

After choosing, I applied for the online grading pack which was sent to me by Pole Dance Community, which included a DVD version of the syllabus, my PDC passport, all the information on the grading and a grading sheet. I was informed that I could complete the grading with a PDC approved instructor, or video it and send it to the company online and they would mark it for me and let me know my results. I chose the latter option.

I began by coming up with my warm-up, which had to warm up every area of the body, including the neck, back and shoulders, arms, wrists, hips, thighs, calves and ankles. I practised the warm-up several times to make sure I did not miss anything before filming it.
Sophie Eminson Pole dancer grading
After this, I had to decide on the 10 moves from the level 4 category which I would use in my grading. I chose the Yogi lift, Pantera's Bow and Arrow, Juliet spin, Reverse grab to Chair spin, Bomb, Gemini Plank, Dangerous Brian, Extended Butterfly and Air Invert. I began by filming the moves on their own, with no connection between moves which was the easiest part of the grading, as I had chosen moves I liked and was used to performing.

Once this was completed, I began to work on my small routine, which I performed to Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift. I incorporated floor work, as well as some dance elements and extra moves to assist with transitions and linking the routine together. I used my creativity to choreograph this routine, and it was the longest part of the grading. Altogether this process took me just a few hours, around 4 to be precise; 1 hour for the warm-up, 1 hour for performing the isolated moves, and 2 to choreograph then film my routine. It was an easy process, which I put a lot of effort into but was wholly worth it.

Sophie Eminson Pole dance grading

I have now passed my grading, so am a Level 4 Certified Dancer. I can now use this on my social media accounts, as well as on my website. This shows my graded status, so improves my public profile as a pole dancer. I would recommend taking part in a grading to anybody interested, as it is both achievable and affordable to do.

Sophie's grading was marked by our US Grading assessor and PDC Pioneer Mary Ellyn Weissman. If you would like to partake in a PDC grading simply purchase your AAP pack from our shop or read more about how to grade on our website.

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