Crown of the Chrome 2015 Review.

Crown of the Chrome Pole Dancing Competition
Crown of the Chrome is an inter-university pole fitness competition held by Derby University. This year was the first year in which the competition was run and, despite one minor issue, the entire day went wonderfully.

The committee for Derby University's Pole Society, the "Tree Frogs" set up the entire day, finding sponsors for the competition who contributed some excellent prizes. As well as this, they found some incredible judges for the competition; Emma Coffey, Andi Active Cherry, Sandrea Simmons, and Annelisa Muresu (pictured below right). Out of these judges, both Annelisa and Andi gave breath-taking performances which definitely inspired all pole dancers at the competition.

The sponsors included Pole Silks, Looking Like a Winner, Millie Robson and many more who provided prizes and stalls for the day of the competition. Universities who entered competitors included Derby, Warwick, Birmingham, Loughborough, Bristol and more. Crown of the Chrome Annalisa

The competition was set out like regular, with beginners performing first, intermediate second, and advanced last. There was a guest performance from the Derby Tree Frogs' instructor, Lisa to begin the day, then 9 beginner competitors. Each performance was lovely, with the girls taking full advantage of the dance elements and using the pole in more basic ways to enhance the aesthetics of their performances. Each was graceful with very good technique, lovely pointed toes and straight legs. The beginner winner, Katie S. fully deserved her title, as her performance was sleek and elegant with next to no errors. She presented herself as "Miss Warwick" for her performance, as she was from Warwick University and was tall and regal herself.

The intermediate performances really ramped up the level of difficulty, with inverts and flexible moves one after the other. Their dance elements were also extremely well executed, and the winner, Shona Kelly thoroughly enjoyed her performance and deserved to win!

Crown of the Chrome Sophie Eminson

In the advanced category, every girl had fully thought through her routine, and there were "Ayeshas" and "Janeiros" pulled here, there and everywhere. The winner of the advanced category, Sophie Eminson danced to "Girl on Fire" and she really was on fire, using a handspring and a Russian split as her two biggest moves.

Prizes included hair accessories, Millie Robson photo-shoots and clothing. The girls also put on a raffle, using prizes from the sponsors, including a free Wink clothing pair of pole shorts/crop top, car bumper stickers stating "NO POLE DANCERS LEFT HERE OVERNIGHT" and pole dancing magazines. The entire day was executed wonderfully, and all the competitors went home smiling. The winners wore their crowns and medals with pride, and celebrated with their respective university societies.

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