Zea Lann Achieves PDC Approved 4 Star Instructor Status.

Polz Apart Zea Lann

Zea Lann is the principal instructor at Polz Apart. Polz Apart offer pole and aerial classes along the South Coast including Bournemouth, Ferndown and Poole. Zea has been poling since 2007 and has extensive industry experience. Zea recevied her two references from fellow pole dancing instructors Charlotte Robertson and Miranda Goldring.

Charlotte said "Polz Apart is a lovely studio, with friendly, fully qualified instructors.  I have been over to Zea's dance studio twice now for master class training sessions. Zea ran the workshops efficiently and professionally, providing safety mats as required and refreshments.

Zea joined in with the workshops herself and supported the students that needed spotting and extra encouragement. I believe Zea deserves to awarded the four star pdc status as she has run a successful pole dancing school for many years, she appears to be very much liked and respected by her fellow colleagues and students alike."

Miranda said "I have known Zea since 2008, we met through mutual friends in the pole community.
As a fellow PDC approved instructor I would like to recommend Zea for PDC approval. She has over 8 years (correct at 2015) teaching experience in pole & aerials with her own school Polzapart.

I have attended her studio for master classes & pole jams.  In which i have observed her helping others. She is very professional and ensures the safety of her students from safe teaching & spotting methods and the use of professional safe equipment.

Zea is a credit to the pole community she has taken part in competitions and been in a pole magazine demonstrating and teaching moves. She has done lots of pole related charity work aswell as putting on numerous showcases for her students to perform in."

Zea's Pole CV:

Zea started her career as a qualified staff nurse (RNLD) and she commenced her pole career after a background in dance ranging from ballet, to disco and modern dance.


Teaching History:

Polz Apart Pole Dancing News"I have been teaching pole dancing /fitness for eight years (correct at 2015), from 5 to ten classes a week at various locations in Dorset with my school Polz Apart Ltd.

Bournemouth university has also employed me to teach pole dancing at there sports dept for the last seven years.

After training in New York for a week in 2009 in Aerial arts I continued my training at home and later set up Aerial hoop and silks classes for fitness,  we later moved to a bigger studio where this has continued along side the pole dancing classes.

We currently run up to 20 classes a week at our three locations."

Student's pole dancing success:

In 2008 four of my students entered Miss Pole Amateur competition with 2 of them winning the doubles and one winning the singles
We held our own Mini Olympics in 2012


Competition Achievements:

Myself and Jane Tran entered Miss Pole Dance in 2008 in London and we came 2nd

Charity Poling:

The list of charity events we have taken part in is very long.
Through our own school we have done a Marie Curie fundraising recently raising over a thousand pounds.
Through the Dolphin leisure centre we have supported several charity events (letter attached to application)
We have pulled aeroplanes, attempted world records, done personal fundraising for a student that sadly past away and actively given away many prizes for varying charities own fundraising.

Check out some of Zea's events, industry contribution and media involvement on her Polz Apart facebook media page.
Polz Apart Pole Dancing School

Zea's Vision:

As a school our ethos has been to get anyone and everyone involved in pole and aerial dancing. We teach children and adults however we also have people with impaired vision and hearing and mental health issues so they have to attend classes with carers, plus our own learning disabilities group that come each week for private classes and then appearing in our annual show.


Polz Apart History:

2006 After having my four daughters and working as a Qualified Nurse for people with learning disabilities, I decided to embark on a new hobby... so in January 2006 I started attending pole dancing classes.
I was already trained in Ballet, tap and modern with the Royal Academy of Dance so I thought this would be a great addition to my dance experience and..... I fell in love with it!

I attended many classes and got my own pole to extend my training...
Later that year I started teaching small groups of friends which grew and grew into larger groups and in...

2007 my dance school Polz Apart was born.

Later in 2007 Bournemouth University contracted us to run termly courses in pole dancing at there sports department which proved successful as we are still there now.

November 2007 we also opened our own studio in Ferndown where we had the local mayor come along to watch us do the World Record Attempt for the most people pole dancing ( KT Coates )

2008 we had a large centre page editorial written about Polz Apart in The Sun Newspaper. It was a massive surprise as we only expected a small square!

2008 This led us to be contacted by Dragons Den to pitch the school, so we went to the BBC building for auditions, a few months later we were at Pinewood studios pitching the business to the dragons.. Although we were wonderfully groomed we didn't get an offer and it was bloody stressful!!.. however a fair few clips of us were shown on the television programme.

Polz Apart Pole Dancers2008 From our recent publicity myself and a fellow dancer (Laura Beaumont) was asked to perform our Pole Acts at several locations in Bournemouth and also in Soho, London.

2008  5 of our students entered Miss Pole Fitness Competition near Brighton with 3 of them winning there categories

2008 Later that year I entered Miss Pole Dance 2008 in London with Jane Chan under the doubles category.. Mis Donna Gant and partner beat us hands down! So we got second place :)

2009 February, I flew to New York where I trained at New York Circus Arts in Aerial hoop, trapeze and silks, I stayed with the owner where he taught me about structuring and development of my own school.
2009 Six months later Aerial fitness for beginners was added to Polz Aparts timetable.

2010 Polz Apart went to Reading to be apart of probably the biggest
outdoor Pole Jam to date in England, where we met so many brilliant fellow polers.. and so many X stages!

2011 Polz Apart was the provider of Move of the month in Indigo Dance Magazine plus I was interviewed for an editorial.

2011 Polz Apart went to Taylor Retreat for the Felix Cane Pole Jam and photoshoot

2011 we expanded our pole classes to the Dolphin Everyone Active in Poole.

2011 We continued to develop the Aerial school with..
*Children's Circus Stars classes
*Dedicated sessions for people with learning difficulties
* Numerous workshops and photoshoots

2012 Polz Apart moved premises over to a bigger studio so we had a dedicated area for Pole and also a higher Aerial arts space.

2012 Later that year myself and the Polz Apart team made local TV and newpapers by pulling a Bowing 737 for a charity competition event at Bournemouth Airport. ( We actually came last but no one mentioned that)

2012 February & October. Polz Apart Aerial team Performed with Carl Cox & Lisa Lashes amongst others at the 02 Academy Bournemouth Slinky Nights.

2012 Polz Apart contracted by PoleStars for Bournemouths Pole Hen Parties

2013 The Circus Channel Pass contracted Polz Apart to provide Aerial workshops at the Poole Arts Centre for there Annual Family Circus Open Days, we so far have had two successful years.

2013 We launched our own Polz Apart syllabus books for Pole, Hoop and Silks so that our students could utilise for there own record of development.

2014 Marie Curie in house Pole & Aerial Fundraiser Event. Lisa Adams organised the event with Polz Apart and we raised over £1000 for the charity.

2014 Myself with Natalie Fish & Kevin Turner had the ITV team come to our studio and record our Aerial performance for the television programme 'Let me entertain you' It went to public vote for best video but unfortunately the dog re-homing centre won.Polz Apart Pole Press

As the Polz Apart Principal I have produced, choreographed and directed several Student showcases over the years with up to 70 students performing at various venues in the Bournemouth Area...

Moulin Rouge 2008 40+ Center Stage
Bugsy Malone 2009 50+ Canford Magna
Christmas Circus Show 2009 50+ Canford Magna
Fame 2010 50+ Canford Magna
Christmas Party 2010 30+ Dundees
Polz Apart at the Movies 2011 50+ Canford Magna
Christmas Party 2011 30+ Dundees
Polz Apart Mini Olympics 2012 70+ Burlington Theatre
Polz Apart Syllabus Book Launch 2013 20+ Flirt Bournemouth


Pole Perfomers classes 2007
Tess Taylor classes 2008
New York Circus Arts (one week) 2009
Vee Lee Pole/ Aerial (2/3 hour) x2 2009
CircoMedia x2 (4 hour) 2009
Maxine Betts Pole Workshop x 2 2009
Bad Azz Workshop x2 2010
Donna Gant 101 spins 2011
EAAC Aerial convention ( 3 days) 2011
Bendy Kate x2 2012
EAAC Aerial Convention (3 days) 2012
Cirque Fly 6 day workshops 2013
EAAC Aerial Convention (3 days) 2013
ARI Aerial Workshop x2 2014
EAAC Aerial Convention (3 days) 2014

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