Featured PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Sarah Peys.


Sarah Peys Pole Dance Instructor
Sarah Peys joined the Pole Dance Community as a 3 star approved instructor having successfully completed PDC Approved Course VI Dance. We spoke to Sarah to find out more about her and her passion for pole.

I started pole dancing in 2010 at Vi-Dance and I loved it right from the beginning. Originally I wanted to do classic and latin dance but I never got a dance partner as promised by my old dancing school. By pure coincidence I came to Vi-Dance and never left a pole from there on. And the best part of it was that I didn´t need to search for a dancing partner anymore.

Pole dance has so many different facets and is very challenging for your body and your mind. But nothing is so much worth than the feeling that you faced for limits and overcome them. In 2014 I decided to become an instructor. I´m looking forward to sharing my experience with my students and to develop my skills. And most important I want to show how much fun sport can be.

It keeps you healthy and you get a good workout and it is very good for building self confidence and a positive body image.

I could not imagine to life without it and I hope pole dancing will become an accepted sport and be accepted as a form of art.

Sarah's Pole CVSarah Peys Pole Fitness Teacher

Competitons entered:

Crazy Pole Cup 2013: 2nd place women (advanced)

Crazy Pole Cup 2014 Doubles

German Polesport championships: 2nd place mixed doubles elite

World Polesport championship 2014: 22nd place mixed doubles

Sarah Peys Pole Dancing InstructorWorkshops attended:

Hanka Venselaar

Phoenix Kazree

Zoraya Judd

Sammy Lee

Michelle Stanek

Steven Retchless

Marion Crampe

Alessia Vazmitsel

Panterra Blacksmith

Bendy Kate

Jamilla Deville

We wish Sarah every success for her career in pole.

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