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Elle Austin Panthaa Pole Fitness

PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Elle Austin runs Pantha Alternative Fitness in Aylesbury and Bicester. Elle carried out her instructor training with PDC Approved course provider Spin City Instructor Training.

Elle said "I discovered my love for pole at the beginning of 2012 and haven’t looked back since!  From my first pole spin to instructing, and now setting up my own pole school, Pantha Alternative Fitness, based in Bicester & Aylesbury.  It’s an unbelievable journey that I can’t wait to continue.

I began pole fitness classes simply as an alternative way to build up strength.  Since, I have developed my dance, flexibility and confidence, as well as meeting amazing and talented people who I'm lucky to now have as close friends.  Pole really has become my way of life, it's something I absolutely love and wake up thinking about!  Elle Austin Pole Dancing Instructor

I still remember learning one of my first static moves, the Butterfly and falling in love with it, it's still one of my favourites and always seems to appear in one of my routines!  Iron X is another of my favourites, it's been a move I admired since I first began.  I think the Peter Pan drop looks beautiful, although it is my nemesis move... my body does not like to loosen my pole grip!

After learning pole fitness for a year, I began teaching for a school.  I loved having the opportunity to teach others and, after just over a year, I decided to set up Pantha Alternative Fitness.  I want to bring the same positivity that pole has brought to me to others.  I enjoy it so much and it is great if I can help bring that enjoyment to others.  It's so rewarding to see an individual get Prince Pole Dancing Catstronger in mind and body.  I am also lucky enough to have my own little panther (pantha!) at home, my beautiful cat Prince (see picture left).  He doesn't help much with stretching, pole or general admin... but he likes to think he does!

For me, my love of pole is the combination of strength, flexibility and movement that pole brings together and the wonderful, supportive community surrounding it.  Elle Austin Pole Dance Teacher

It’s amazing to help others at the beginning of their own pole love affair and I feel so lucky to be able to share what I have learnt with others, and watch the confidence and strength grow within my students.  

I’m lucky enough to have had workshops and lessons with some of my pole idols, including Ian Matthews, Jess Leanne Norris, Dan Rosen, Felicity Logan, Bendy Kate and Lisette Krol.


Next year, I am looking forward to the first official Pantha Alternative Fitness classes beginning and I'm hoping to enter a competition.  For me, my preference is 45mm static poles, although all my poles are spinny (of course!).  I'm also looking forward to the summer when sticking to the pole will be a little easier... until then there's always fireplaces, dry hands and stickum!"

Congratulations to Elle on the opening of her new pole studio and on becoming an approved 3 star pole dancing instructor.