Pole Sports UK presents National Pole Championships UK 2015

Pole Sports UK logoThis National Championship 2015 will fully comply with the rules and regulations of the International Pole Sport Federation (IPSF). The 2015 event will be held on 2nd May 2015.

Pole Sports UK is proud to announce the second UK National Pole Sports Championships 2015.  The PSUK National Championships is the only UK qualifying competition for the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) World Pole Sports Championships

So if you would like to compete for the opportunity to represent the United Kingdom in the World Pole Sport Championships in London in July then this is for you!  Athletes from all across the country are invited to enter and those that make it through the selection process go on to compete in the live final on Saturday 2nd May, 2015 at The Walker Activity Dome, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Tickets are for sale and entries are now open and Athlete Application Forms are available from the PSUK website


Youth Novice (10-14 years)

Youth Junior (15-17 years)

Singles Men and Women (18-39 years)

Masters (40+ years)

Masters category will be split into Men and Women and/or 40+ and 50+ depending on how many entries we receive.


Singles Women


For 2015 we do not have a seperate Professional and Elite Competition, the applicants will compete together. This is due to low level numbers of Elite Athletes in the UK at this time.

In order to be accepted into the PSUK National Championship you must have:

Placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any UK Elite or Professional Level Competition during 2012-2014.

For the 2014 PSUK National Championship applicants who do not meet the above criteria, they can send a video of their compulsory moves for committee approval to enter.

Applicants not meeting this criteria will be rejected, with no refund of the application fee.

Applications for youth and masters will be at the discretion of the PSUK committee for the competitive year starting on 1 September,


Please email kathy@polesports.org for further information.


To apply please email kathy@polesports.org for an application form.



To be paid via PayPal to the address above.

Your entry form will be assessed by the committee (including Compulsory moves video if required) if you are invited to enter based on your application form you will be required to pay the entry fee.

No entry fee = no entry.

About PSUK.

Home of the UK pole sports federation (PSUK) and a proud member of the International Pole sports Federation (IPSF)

Welcome to Pole Sports UK. We are the National Pole Sports Federation for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Pole Sports UK work under the umbrella of the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) and have developed a solid steering committee of people from all areas of the UK who are all equally committed to the development of Pole as a reputable Sport.

PSUK are responsible for setting standards in the UK for Pole Sports in such areas as judging, competitions, instructions, training and much more beyond. We are working towards having a high level of consistency in these areas to gain credibility and recognition as a sport in this country.

As a National Federation, we are responsible for the development of our UK athletes in competitions at home and abroad whilst ensuring their best interests are taken into consideration. We are also responsible for ensuring our highly trained judges are working within the IPSF code of conduct and are ethically consistent.

PSUK are working towards getting recognition by Sport England/Sport UK to be accredited as an official sport. This will enable us to request funding for National and Regional Competitions as well as offering support and encouragement for a whole new generation of Pole Sport Athletes.

This is a not for profit federation, this means that all of our volunteers give their time freely to promote and develop British Pole Sports.