Welcome to PDC Approved 3 Star Pole dancing Instructor Tina Wagner.

Tina Wagner Pole Dancing Instructor

Tina Wagner is a pole and fitness instructor at Trainingsreich in Wiesloch, Germany. The studio offers personal training and courses with Power Plates, EMS/miha bodytec, TRX, Bodycross/HIIT/Crosstower, Yoga, Stretching, Bodywork and Poledance.

Tina started pole dancing in 2008 after searching for over a year for workshops or courses. She got her first pole from friends as a present for her 30th birthday in 2007 without knowing what to do with it. Her curiosity was successful and from the workshops the mother of two sons fell in love with this sport.

Tina attended her first instructor course purely for herself - she never could  imagine to teach other girls at this time. In 2012 she started teaching because many girls wanted to try pole dancing. Teaching two girls on one pole, became teaching 4 girls on two poles in a little room and finally the Trainingsreich moved and now there are 7 poles, 4 instructors and a very happy Tina.

Tina said "You are never too old or two young, too skinny or too fat. You never are too weak or too ungraceful. Everybody can do pole dance and pole fitness.Tina Wagner Fitness Pole teacher

Everybody can do this beautiful sport with her/his own style, way and expression. There are no right or wrong moves, there are no specified period to do a level or a trick. Pole dance is no competition about getting still higher, push harder, do more and more tricks and only focus on the level. Pole dance is fun, trying new things, dancing, meeting great people and celebrating yourself!“

Tina's Professional Qualifications:

    Instructor for Babymassage, pregnancy and postnatal exercises and pelvic floor
    Fitness- and Health Coach, B-Licence
    Aerobic-/Step Instructor
    Vinyasa Power Yoga Basic
    Power Plate Advanced Trainer
    TRX - Instructor
    Pole Dance Instructor:
    - Certified Polebatics Dancer Bronze
    - Certified Discoveries Dance Instructor
    - Certified Spin City Beginners Pole Fitness Instructor
    - Certified Polestar@Polearts Trainer Advanced
    - Spin City Anatomy and Physiology Foundations for Pole & Aerial Courses
    - PDC Approved 3 Star Instructor

Congratulations to Tina on her 3 star instructor achievement.