PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Franzi Giehl.

Franzi Giehl Vertical Arts
Franzi Giehl is the owner of VerticalArts Pole & Hoop Stuttgart, Germany. Franzi opened the studio in April 2013 and has been growing steadily. She currently employs three other instructors. Besides offering regular pole, hoop and fitness classes such as body weight training, TRX and Stretching, the studio organizes workshops and events with international artists.

Franzi started pole dancing in 2011 at Spin City Bristol through the Bristol University Pole Society and fell in love with it straight away. When moving back to Germany, after finishing her degree in Electronics Engineering, she couldn’t find a studio that was offering classes in the way she was used to, where pole was taught as a fitness and fun form. That’s when she decided to open VerticalArts.

In August 2015, Franzi will organize the VerticalArts Show for the first time. The show wants to showcase pole, hoop, silks and any other aerial art in a non-competitive way and give artists from all over the world the opportunity to perform in an environment where the love to this art form is celebrated and an evening of performances without a judgemental eye can be enjoyed.  Additionally, internationally known artists are guest performing at the event and holding workshops.

Franzi holds several certificates such as a fitness instructor license and the Xpert pole instructor certificate. She was also recently selected to become a trainer for Xpert.

Franzi Giehl Vertical Arts Pole Teacher
Spin City Beginner’s Pole Instructor Training
First Aid Course for Fitness Instructors
Spin City Anatomy & Physiology course
Xpert pole instructor certification Level 1 & 2
Fitness Instructor Level-C License
PDC approved level 3 instructor
Xpert trainer assistant

Performances /Competitions/Student success:
Finalist of German Polesports Championships Professional Category
Two students were finalists at German Polesports Championships Amateur Category
Performing in music video of Freedom & pain  “Soul Corrosion”

Workshops attended:
Frederick van Laak
Sarah Scott
Bendy Kate
Jamilla Deville    
Doris Arnold
Heidi Coker
Alex Schchukin
Sergia Louise Anderson
Amy Williams
Leah Rose Clarke
Sophie Geldeard


Congratulations to Franzi on her successful PDC Approved 3 star instructor approval and on being selected as an Xpert trainer.

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