Meet PDC Approved 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Sam Amey.

Sam Amey Pole Fitness teacher
Sam Amey is the principal instructor at Ascent-trix Pole Fitness Studios. Sam has studios in Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Towcester and Wellinborough. Sam received the following 2 references to support her 4 star instructor application:

Pantera Blacksmith said "In my experience through the years in the pole community, there are only a few in the industry that I would say truly have a desire to give. To selflessly share their knowledge from experience and continued education for the benefit of others. Sam Amey carries respect for the skill and experience it takes to perform pole and respects the experience needed to be an instructor. Furthermore, her positive calm attitude is a benefit to not only her clients and instructors, but to any who are fortunate enough to experience it."


KT Coates said "I have known and worked with Sam Amey for more than five years. Her pole jams are the best I have been to. She is loved and respected by her students and fellow teachers. She is my right hand girl at the World Pole Sports Championships and has gone above an beyond her role, which she does for free. She loves pole and her passion shines through in her personality. She is fantastic!"

Professional Qualifications:ascent-trix-pole dancing logo

Vertical Dance Pole Fitness qualification
Anatomy & Physiology
First Aid

Membership of Professional Bodies:

Pole Dance Community

Masterclasses hosted/attended:

KT Coates
Sally Anne Giles
Annie Norris
Maxine Betts
Darren Pritchard
Pantera Blacksmith
Rafaela Montanaro
Jess Leanne Norris
Felicity Logan
Deb Riley
Donna Gant
Daniel Rosen
Rebecca Starr

Sam Amey Ascent trix pole fitness
Teaching History:

I began teaching in August 2008. I set up Ascent-trix Fitness in November 2008 & gradually built up classes across Milton Keynes, Bletchley, Aylesbury, Wellingborough, Banbury, Brackley, Bicester, Northampton, High Wycombe, Hanslope & Towcester.

I have taught well over 2,000 students in this time & have trained up 7 additional insturctors who now work along side me.

In July 2013 I opened our first full time studio, Sky High Studio MK where we offer Pole, Aerial, Dance & Fitness Classes plus host workshops, masterclasses & parties 7 days per week.

I have taught several students who have also gone on to become instructors, compete & also other qualified instructors who are looking to expand their directory of pole trix, spins & advance with their personal progression.

Student's pole dancing competition success:

1st Place Male category Bucks Pole Fitness Champion 2012 – Stevie Hilton. Ascent-trix Fitness instructor
1st Place Performer category Polenastics Pole Fitness Champion 2013 – Alison Bartlett. Ascent-trix Student
1st Place Performer/Dance category UKAPP 2013 Herts heat - Alison Bartlett. Ascent-trix Student
1st Place Doubles category Polenastics Championships 2014 – Stevie Hilton. Ascent-trix instructor
2nd Place Doubles category Emma’s Pole Dance Championships 2014
3rd Place Doubles category British Pole Superstars Competition 2014 Stevie Hilton. Ascent-trix instructor
Finalist Performer/Dance category UKAPP 2013 OVERALL - Alison Bartlett. Ascent-trix Student
Finalist Performer category Polenastics Pole Fitness Champion 2013 – Ash Wilson. Ascent-trix Student
Finalist Doubles category Polenastics Championships 2014 – Sophie & Natasha Ascent-trix Students

Continuing Professional Development:Sam Amey Pole dancing instructor

I regularly attend & host training events with instructors, attend masterclasses  & workshops. I am also training in aerial hoop & body building, neither to teach but both to improve my strength & bring something a little different to my teaching angles with pole.

I attend business seminars & events to help with the business side of things too

I train several hours a week & train my instructors weekly also

Judging Involvement:

WPSC 2012 Judges training

Sponsorship gained:

Grafton Honda Race Team
Motor Power @ the HUB
MOTO GP @Silverstone

Pole Dancing Promotions Involvement:

Co-Organiser alongside Anna Marie of Berkshire Alternative Dance of the UKs largest outdoor Pole Jam (to date we believe) attracted media attention. Over 150 polers from ALL over the uk, some travelled 4+ hours including the at the time current Miss Pole Dance UK Maxine Betts.
Grafton Honda Race Team events
Motor Power @ the HUB
MOTO GP @ Silverstone
I have organised Pole Jam events to raise money for CRY (cardiac risk in the young) & taken part in many other charity events including for childrens hospitals, NSPCC, cancer research uk & more

Sam Amey Pole Dancer
Publicity and Media attention:

We have featured in our local newspapers on a few occasions, we also have been invited onto BBC 3 counties radio where they came out & did a feature from our studio.

Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:

I love to continue with my personal development & love building my team of quality instructors to offer the public classes they can enjoy & benefit from.

A personal goal of mine is to improve my flexibility, this is something I have found much harder than strength training but I have reached a few goals already this year so hoping to hit a few more in the coming months & years.

I aspire to be a good person, not just to hand down what I have spent almost 8 years working on with my pole art, technique & knowledge but also to provide a place where they can come to escape their daily stresses, find a little haven where they can shine for a few hours a week.

Safety is of great importance to me, I wish to continue to provide our students with good quality safe teaching methods, I also spend a lot of time teaching my instructors & students about how & why this is so important.

I want to continue to promote pole fitness & dance, not just for my schools but for the industry. I will continue to give my time to work with others in the industry on events & competitions too

Additional Information:

I work with 3 of the Worlds largest & most prestigious competitions as a general co-ordinator.

World Pole Sports Championships WPSC 2012, 2013 & 2014
I work at the Presidents assistant  & floor manager at these competitions. My general duties are to ensure smooth running of this world standard competition. Delegate necessary duties to other workers, help athletes, staff members & audience.

World Pole Dance Championships 2014

Miss Pole Dance UK Semi Pro & Pro Competitions 2013 & 2014

Congratulations to Sam Amey on her fabulous 4 star achievement.

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