Meet PDC Approved 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Talia Hawker.

Talia Hawker Pole-Fitness Instructor
We are proud to introduce you to our latest 4 star pole dancing instructor Talia Hawker. Talia is the principal instructor and proprietor of Pole Art Academy in Denbighshire in Wales. Lisa received her two 4 star references from Lisa Williams (Apsara Dance) and Leah Campbell (LoveSpin).

Lisa said "Talia has been a student in my classes since 2009/10. Throughout the years Talia has demonstrated many traits that make a great instructor. She is very friendly, approachable and always been encouraging and supportive of others in her class. She has shown great patience in her own personal development and always works hard building on areas with a ‘walk before running’ attitude. Talia loves daring moves like flips and drops and is always safety conscious.

Talia has shown her knowledge of progressions/regressions and of the human body and has demonstrated great spotting techniques. But, most of all, it is Talia’s passion that shines through. We regularly pole jam together and she is extremely enthusiastic, which is so infectious and has made her a pleasure to pole with for all these years."

Leah said "Talia owns the Pole School closest (in distance) to us at LoveSpin. We have a few students that attend Talia Hawker Pole Art Academyboth our schools......She has already in the couple of years she has been running won the professional category at the Welsh Championships (her 1st time competing) then this year she achieved the something special award (its great to watch her perform).......she has already moved to a bigger studio space due to the amount of students she already has. She regularly attends masterclasses to keep pushing herself and is extremely approachable and helpful to everyone."

Talia's Professional Qualifications:

Level 2 CYQ Fitness instructor
Level 2 exercise and fitness knowledge
Level 2 health, safety and professionalism in exercise and fitness instructing
Level 2 instructing gym-based exercise
Level 2 personal mountain craft
Level 2 sport studies, health and fitness
Sport development Level 3 BTEC National Diploma
Sport coaching Degree
Sport coach UK- Equity in coaching
Sport coach UK- introduction to fundamentals of movement
Les mills Body Combat Fitness Instructor
Black belt “shodan” in Karate and Qualified Coach “sensei”
First Aid

Membership of Professional Bodies:

Pole Dance Community

Workshops, Courses & Master-classes Attended:

Rebecca Butcher Masterclass 2010
Deb Riley Private lesson 2011
Bendy Kate Acro Masterclass 2014
Bendy Kate spin around the world Masterclass 2014
Bendy Kate Private lesson 2014
Karen Chaundy Hand Balancing Materclass 2014
Toni “misty” Mansell Flexibility Masterclass 2014

Training with PDC Pole Schools & other Instructors:

Rose-a-lisa at Apsara Dance
Zoe Ednay at Apsara Dance
Toni “misty” mansell at Flying Ballerinas
Workshops and Aerial Hoop lessons at Lovespin studio with Polly and Leah

Talia Hawker Pole Dancing InstructorTeaching History:

I have been Pole dancing since 2008 but have taken a year out to have my daughter. I started teaching pole fitness for my own school Pole art academy in 2013 and have already trained and choreographed 3 students’ routines for the All Wales Pole Championship 2014. One in the intermediate category and the other two in the Advanced Category having one student come out with 3rd place. I am currently training and choreographing more of my student’s routines for their video entry for UKAPP.

I have taught around 60 students so far but never any more than 8 in a class for beginners and 6 in a class for intermediate and above. I feel this amount per class is the right amount for me to control, support, spot and keep safe while teaching at my studio.

Before I opened my own pole school I had been a fitness instructor since 2007 teaching group fitness classes, personal training and Elite fitness training for the welsh tennis team under 16s.

I was also a sensei in Karate and spent 2 years coaching for under 16s in the Dojo Llandudno.

Student's pole dancing success:

I have had 3 students compete in the All Wales Pole Championships 2014
Steph Tynan Intermediate category 5th place
Hanna Roberts Advance category 3rd place
Delyth Jones Advance category 4th place
Some of my students are currently training for UKAPP 2014

I have loads of success stories from students weight loss, gaining confidence, finding something the absolutely love to do and just generally feeling more happy about themselves especially when its “pole day”

I also teach under 16s one of my students being 15 years of age currently training for the All Wales Pole Championships when she turns 16.

Competition Achievements:Talia Hawker Pole Dancing Teacher

All Wales Pole Championships Professional Winner 2012
All Wales Pole Championships “Something Special Award 2014”

I am currently entered and training for the British isles Pole Championships 2014 in November and for a video submission for the UKPPC Elite category  

Pole Dancing Promotions Involvement:

Corwen carnival North wales
Cancer care charity event
In 2011 I performed for the charity Cancer Care's Starwalk in Kendal shopping centre
Media attention:

When opening my pole school I had a lot of negative public attention from the local towns people thinking it was a “strip club” and “disgusting” to have in the town centre but when educating the locals and showing them exactly what my Pole school was about myself and my students have finally been excepted into the small community of the town for being a fantastic and fun way to lose weight and get fit and healthy.

Pole Dancing Aspirations:

To be a finalist for Miss Pole Dance UK 2015
To win a British or UK National title
To qualify for the World Pole Dance/World Pole Sport championships
To become an Aerial Hoop instructor and offer lessons at my studio
To train and enter a “Doubles” Competition

To continue teaching and sharing my love of pole with others wanting to learn in a safe environment to the best of my ability and to expand my pole school over the years to come. I want to continue promoting pole fitness as a fun way to exercise and keep fit and help others lose weight and gain there own personal goals. I will be training students and helping them choreograph there routines to compete in future competitions and achieve there personal success.

Congratulations to Talia on her new 4 star instructor status.