PDC in collaboration with UPA presents World Pole Dance Day 2014


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WPDD14 is a chance for pole dancers across the world to unite. The event will happen on Tuesday 30th September.

This is a collaborative event set up by United Pole Artists and Pole Dance Community and it is open to any individual pole dancer or any pole dancing organisation. This event puts politics to one side and gives us all a chance to share our passion for pole.

Please share the flyer on social media and on the week leading up to 30th. 

If your pole dancing organisation wants to support this event just e-mail us your logo and we will add it to this article  and the flyer (left) which will also be shared on social media.

Please also use the hashtags #polepride and #wpdd

On the 30th September please take some pictures of you pole dancing and share them on your social networks, you probably do this anyway but we wantworld-pole-dance-day-profile-pic facebook, twitter, pinterest etc to be a sea of pole dance heaven.

Please change your profile picture to the World Pole Dance Day logo (right) to educate the world about how amazing pole dancing is.

This is our day to show the world what pole dancing is all about. Whether you are a pole sports person, an advocate for stripper style, a pole gymnast, a pole newbie or any other genre we want you to join us to celebrate our art.

Join our facebook event page too.

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