United Kingdom Professional Pole Championships 2014.

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The UK's favourite national pole dancing competition is back.

The Grand finals will be held on this Sunday 30th November 2014 at the International Conference Centre in Telford. 

PDC wishes good luck to all involved :-)

Elite Category - This category is for the elite of UK and international pole dance and is open to dancers who have won, or been a runner up in, a professional pole competition 'of note' e.g. county, national, international competitions.

Professional Category - This category is open to all pole dancers who have performed professionally but are not eligible for the Elite category.

Instructor CategoryUKPPC pole dancing banner - This category is open to all pole instructors who do not perform professionally, as defined in the Competitor Information Pack.

Doubles Category NEW for 2014! - This category is open to pole dancers who are either instructors or professional pole performers. Neither member of a doubles team can be an amateur pole dancer.

Both the on-line heats and the grand final will be scored by a panel of experienced pole dancers from across the UK who all have significant judging experience and who face a tough decision on the night with a wealth of talent on the stage.The UKPPC 2014 Judging Panel will be announced soon:

UKPPC 2012 judges pictured right.UKPPC 2012 pole dance judges


The UK Professional Pole Championships is the first competition in the UK to give professional dancers the opportunity to compete against their peers through our three professional categories - Instructor, Professional, and Elite.  UKPPC aims to be a fair, ethical, professional, and transparent competition that recognises the athleticism and artistry of pole dance.

The UKPPC offers pole athletes the chance to compete in three professional categories - Instructor, Professional, and Elite

Professionals compete on one static and one spinning 45mm X-Pole

All competitors get full feedback and scorecards at every stage of the competition

There are no compulsory moves.

UKPPC is a PDC Approved Event which adheres to the PDC code of conduct for pole dancing promoters.

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