Gradings at Stages Pole Fitness have begun!

Stages Pole Fitness Pole Dance Grading
On Sunday 11th May, Stages Pole Fitness congratulated it's first grader. PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing Instructor, Alex Copley, recently obtained her AAP grading examiner licence and has been keen to get her students to take part in gradings.

She said: "I really want my class to experience all the fabulous opportunities that the pole world has to offer! Gradings provide great performance experience (even though it's just a short exam) and give those who have never had the chance to perform a little taster. I believe it also gives a wonderful sense of achievement as you can really show your progression by achieving each level. I'm extremely proud of all my students and how much they have learnt, I wanted to become an examiner to make sure that they had the opportunity to showcase how far they've come, give them new direction and motivation in their poling and of course, get their names of the PDC graders wall- which I think is a huge honour!"

Two of Alex's most dedicated students took part in this first session: Danielle Searle (pictured left) and Leanne Egalton (pictured below). Danielle completed her first grading in this session:

Danielle said: "I completed my pole grade 1! and I'm extremely happy that by doing the classes and my gradings I'll have something official to show my advancement in pole. Alex is a fab teacher and its always a pleasure to go to her classes"
Stages Pole Fitness AAP Grading
Leanne said: "Really enjoyed my practice session for my pole grade 1 with Alex. We went through a lot of the moves and now feel a lot more confident and ready to do my grading. Alex is an amazing teacher and thoroughly enjoy going to lessons and am extremely happy with my progression and this is all thanks to Alex's support and encouragement."

Alex: "I would like to personally congratulate the girls again, Leanne, who is progressing so fast with every class and demonstrated a very high standard in the first grading session- she will be ready to grade soon I'm sure! And Danielle, who passed her level 1 with Merit which is absolutely fab! she was so professional in her execution of her individual moves and showed a real creative streak in the routine section. I am really impressed with them both and want to thank them for coming to my classes and being such fantastic students."

Alex is planning to run more grading sessions tri-weekly and hopes that many more of her students will take part and enjoy getting some real recognition for the hard work they put in to pole classes.

Find out more about the AAP Pole Dance grading scheme. To find a PDC Approved grading assessor near you just use our school finder map. You can also submit on-line gradings and each AAP membership comes with a free syllabus DVD-ROM, a free on-line grading and plenty of AAP members discounts. Buy your AAP membership today!

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