Featured Member - PDC Registered 2 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Gwen Burns.

Gwen Burns Discoveries Dance Pole Teacher
Gwen Burns is one of our latest instructors who is setting up her new studio in Edinburgh in Scotland. Gwen has successfully undertaken PDC Approved Teacher Training Course Discoveries Dance as well as completing a level 4 AAP Pole Dance grading. We spoke to Gwen to find out how she discovered pole dancing;

"Before I had even left the cinema from seeing ‘Rock of Ages’ I was on my phone asking my friend to come to pole lessons with me. Just one scene of those gorgeous girls doing jaw dropping moves had me wanting to be a part of it. Not long after the cinema showing I was in my first class, shorts and all. While walking out of my first class I was, once again, on my phone, this time searching for poles online. I returned home to try and show my mum what I could do on a lamppost but it would seem a moss covered lamppost does not allow for spins. I was hooked.

I have always suffered from back pain and this was a way to have fun but give myself strength and help out my back in a big way. I began attending regular classes building up my strength and skills and enjoying every minute. As a keen student putting my all into every lesson I soon became a substitute teacher and then began teaching my own lessons. In Edinburgh there are no specific studios aimed at pole fitness and soon this became a dream of mine.

Gwen Burns Pole dancing Instructor
I travel frequently to Newcastle to be trained by the fabulous Cherry Slane (Toxic Cherry) (PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor).  Having someone so talented to train you can be very inspiring and I hope to have the same influence on my students.

The Watermelon Studio will be opening in the summer of 2014. This is a fitness studio I am bringing to the city of Edinburgh where we will be specialising in pole fitness. I hope to create a positive atmosphere welcoming all shapes and sizes. I want to bring a safe and professional environment all while having fun."

Gwen's Pole Achievements:

  • PDC AAP Level 4
  • PDC Registered 2 star pole dancing instructor
  • Discoveries Dance Instructor Certification Course

To contact Gwen for pole lessons on Edinburgh just visit the Watermelon Studio website or find them on the  Watermelon Studio facebook page.

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