PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Alex Copley.

Alex Copley Pole fitness instructorAlex Copley currently runs PDC Approved weekly pole fitness classes at Stages Performers Academy in Romford, UK. She runs a facebook page to promote these classes called 'Stages Pole Fitness' which has over 288 likes and has been rated with 5 stars by many of the students!
Alex found her passion for pole back in 2010 during her time at Palmer's College, she has been dancing since the age of 5 and tried many different styles including ballet, tap, modern, jazz, Irish, street/hip hop, Latin & ballroom, bollywood, contemporary and lyrical! She felt she wanted to try something a bit different.

Alex said "Pole just popped into my head as an idea one day while I was researching other dance styles to try and it just seemed perfect, an alternative form of dance and fitness which was completely different to anything I had done before, I was desperate to have a go and so joined 'Pole for All' in Wickford with a couple of friends. I loved it immediately and as soon as I got in the car with my mum after class, I turned to her and said 'I want a pole, I would give up all my dancing to do pole I loved it so much!'
"After that I attended the classes regularly and bought my first pole to practise at home."

Alex Copley Pole-Dance teacherAround a year later Alex went the University of Essex in Colchester to study Psychology, she joined the dance club SXDance and was disappointed to find out that there wasn't a pole club. In her 2nd year at Essex, Alex teamed up with a fellow pole dancer Sophie Logan and together they founded the Essex Pole Dance Club in October 2011. Now in its 3rd year, the club has been a huge success- attracting over 150 members and winning the Inter-University Pole Competition 2012 and 2013 (bringing the competition onto home ground after only a year of the club being born!)

Alex took her Level 1 Pole Fitness Instructor Course in November 2011 and started teaching the students of her Uni pole club. Alex competed in the 2013 competition and placed 2nd in the advanced category which she feels has been her biggest personal pole achievement to date. Alex also competed in the University's Derby Day pole competition and performed in the club's first end of year showcase with her duet partner Rebecca Diggins.

Since graduating, Alex has been back to visit the Essex Pole Dance Club to teach a contemporary pole dance routine workshop and to support her friends and previous students in the 2014 Inter-University Pole Competition.

Alex's favourite pole spin is the reverse grab spin, she said "I love to run across the room to do this spin, flying around and then finishing gracefully just feels so wonderful and I generally get a round of applause from my beginners!". Alex's favourite pole positions are the hood ornament and the Q, she said "I have adopted the hood ornament as my class logo, I think its an underrated and underused move which really is very beautiful especially as a silhouette, I love the move called 'Q' I think its so pretty and have definitely used it in all my routines!". Alex is currently working on the Ayesha and said "I have been avoiding this move for a long time and its time for that to change! I really want to get it but have been a little nervous to try after a close call a couple of years ago- I've really grown as a pole dancer since then and know I need to get back up and try again... watch this space!"

Alex's qualifications:
Pole Fitness Level 1
Pole grading examiner licence
Emergency First Aid
BSc Psychology
Level 4 Diploma in PR (complete Dec 2014)

Alex Copley Stages pole fitnessPole - Quick Questions:
Best pole memory? "Competing and coming 2nd in the Inter-Uni Comp 2013!"
Funniest pole moment? "I have so many, I couldn't pick one but would say some of the dismounts I have seen from my students would be right up there!"
Favourite type of pole? "Chrome X-pole 45mm static."
Favourite music to dance to? "Something edgy with some quiet sections and some drops, I loved dancing to Alex Clare - Too Close and cant wait to make an advanced routine to Imagine Dragons - Radioactive one day when I have achieved all my dream moves"
Which pole dancers inspire you? "All of them, all the pro's are so incredible! But my top 5 would be: Sarah Scott, Bendy Kate, Justine McLucas, Sam Remmer and Nico ModeStine"
What hobbies do you have aside from pole dancing? "Dancing all different styles, I also plan to take up Ariel Hoop and Silks"

Final word:
"Pole dancing/ fitness really has changed my life. My physical strength has never been better, my confidence has never been higher, and my friend list has never been bigger. Pole really is an extremely unique sport, not only in its execution but also in the community which surrounds it. I can honestly say I have never felt more at home in a sport, everyone is supportive and appreciative of everyone else regardless of level, age or club membership. Its extremely special. Pole love to all. x x x"

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