UK Pole Dance Day Thursday 1st May 2014

UK Pole Dance Day 2014
What is UK Pole Dance Day and how did it start?

• UK Pole Dance Day is a national, annual event held on 1 May that celebrates and promotes understanding of pole dance as a legitimate art form and form of exercise.
• UKPDD is a non-profit event and participation is open to all.
• Founded in 2009 by the Equity Pole Dancers’ Working Party.
• May Day was chosen as the date to encourage a better understanding of pole dance. Traditional maypole dances form part of the May Day celebrations and UKPDD builds on this great tradition.

Theme for 2014 - Urban Pole 

How can you get involved?

Simply e-mail us with your event details, all you need to do is find a public space, don a red t-shirt and get urban poling. Arrange to meet up with other polers in your area and find some street furniture or bring a podium pole. 

Please take lots of pictures of your event and invite the press to come along and publicise your activity.

Watch this space for updates and details of all the events happening around the UK.

Even if you can't attend an outdoor poling event you can help by changing your facebook profile picture to the UK Pole Dance Day logo so that on 1st may facebook is awash with little red pole dance logos. Simply right click and save the red UKPDD logo.

UK Pole Dance Day Facebook page.

UKPPD is supported by the Pole Dance Community and Equity.

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