PDC Approved Pole Dancing Instructor Julie Burns Achieves 4 Star Status.

Julie Burns Pole dancing instructor
Julie Burns is well loved within the pole dancing community for her caring nature and her dedication to pole and dance. Julie has an amazing work ethic, she is constantly organising events and providing the best possible opportunities for her students. julie is the proprietor at Southampton Aerial Arts School and she also runs Julie's Dance. Julie is also known for her bi-annual competition the Solent Pole Competition.

Julie received her two references for her 4 star instructor application from fellow PDC instructors Stacey Snedden and Zorena Roe:

Stacey Snedden said "Julie is one of the most inspiring people in the industry constantly hosting events such as the Solent Pole Competition which has been very successful.

Julies Dance the studio is a fun place to go and teach and her students are great. Julie is driving the industry in the south and definitely deserves level 4"

Zorena Roe said "I support Julie’s application for 4 star Instructor status because of her large contributions to the pole community, and her high teaching standards. She has a lot of experience both pole dancing and teaching herself and has built up a very well established school in Southampton with many regular students.

Of these students, several of them have competed in large regional and national competitions, including UKAPP 2013, where two of her students placed 2nd for their doubles routine and made the final in their expert solo routines. One of her instructors also made it to the final of the Polenastics 2013 competition and has just got through to Emma’s Pole Dancing Competition 2014 in the doubles category.

Julie is the creator and organiser of the “Solent Pole Competition” a local friendly competition that has now run 3 times, and has grown each time. Julie is also currently producing a showcase in Southampton, to be held in May, which will be performed by students and instructors from 4 local schools. Julie regularly holds small shows and events for students to bring their friends and family to, in order to spread a positive message about the pole community to the wider society."

Education and Training

Professional Qualifications:Solent Pole Competition
Certificate in Education –Teaching Higher Education
Childcare & teaching assistants qualification
Freestyle & Street dance teacher
Acro gymnastics teacher
Currently undertaking Latin & Ballroom teaching exams
Public Licence holder
First Aid
Fire Marshall

Picture right courtesy of Macey J photography - prize table at the Solent Pole Competition.

Fitness/Pole Qualifications:
PDC Approved Course Provider.

Membership of Professional Bodies:
National Association of Teachers of Dance (NATD)
International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA)
Street Dance International (SDI)
Pole Dance Community (PDC)

Workshops Hosted:
Daniel Rosen
Sarah Scott
Stacey Snedden
Amy Capper

Additional Training with PDC Pole Schools & Instructors:
School sharing with Paradise Pole Fitness (joint promotion of workshops and photoshoots as well as instructor cross training)

Teaching History:
Julie has taught pole since 2008
Julie started with just 2 poles and 10 students and now has 7 poles and have over 80 students.

Julie Burns Pole fitness promoter
Student's pole dancing success:

Solent Pole Competition, Performers winner 2012, Intermediate winner 2012, Expert winner 2012, Feb 2013 & Nov 2013, Doubles winner 2012, Feb 2013 & Nov 2013, Professional winner Feb 2013 professional Doubles winners Nov 2013 UKAPP finalists 2013,  Polenastics finalist 2013, EPDC finalist April 2014, British Pole superstars Finalist July 2014

Competition Involvement:
Orgnaiser of the bi-annual Solent Pole Competition

Judging Involvement:
A qualified dance and Gymnastics judge but yet to judge a pole competition.

Picture left of Julie and her team preparing for their annual Xmas Grotto.

Sponsorship (gained or provided):
 x- pole for solent pole competition.

Pole Dancing Promotions Involvement:
Organiser and creator of Solent Pole Competition.
Organising the Solent Pole and Aerial Hoop showcase this May with 3 other local schools
Local advertising in Local papers, radio discussion with Roy Chubby brown about the fitness of pole.

Charity events:
2 per year for the last 5 years, involving Pole in a positive light raising money for the Adults with Disabilities that I teach, all money raised goes towards there sporting side. Ski-ing equipment, Canoes etc.

2014 Events:
February – Organised a Teenage Aerial Hoop Competition (This Sunday)
March – Organsing a live band tribute night for Charity
April – Organising a Charity show to promote pole,
Supporting Zorena at EPDC,
Supporting Laura at Pole Thearte
May –  Organising Solent Aerial Hoop and Pole showcase with 3 other local schools.
July – Organising a Masqurade Ball for 200 people for charity
I also support the children I teach at regular competitons and shows for them as well.
Media attention:
Various local  news paper stories about my visions and continual crusade against the negativity of Pole fitness.

AAP Membership involvement:
A Grading day at the studio in April to promote awareness of the PDC and the grading system available.