World Renowned Pole Dancer Pantera Achieves PDC Pioneer Status.

Pantera Blacksmith Pole Dance Pioneer Syllabus
N.B. Pantera retired from teaching pole in 2016.

Pantera is without doubt one of the worlds most influential pole dancers. Pantera began her career as an exotic dancer in 1999, this is where she found and fell in love with pole. Pantera went on to work with some of the best dancers, artists and fitness professionals to forge her career as a world class pole dance teacher and performer.

For many polers Pantera was the first person they saw on screen after she released her famous DVD Pole Tricks 101, the DVD featured many of the core syllabus moves we use today such as Gemini, Ayesha and Brass Monkey. The DVD inspired many novice and experienced polers to progress their pole dancing skills. The DVD was also one of the first DVD's to promote the fitness benefits of pole dancing.

Pantera now travels the world offering master-classes and guest performance. You can book Pantera to come to your studio or event by visiting Pantera's Pole World

During Pantera's career to date she has inspired polers across the globe. Pantera is committed to continuing professional development and she is constantly working in improving both her fitness and nutrition knowledge. Pantera can teach on many levels and she promotes the importance of the dance aspect of the pole as well as the fitness, she likes to use pole dancing to increase the confidence of her students as well as boosting their physical health.

Pantera is not ashamed of her exotic background and she proudly supports the stripper style from which pole dancing evolved, she still recognises that many new polers are purely interested in the fitness side of pole yet she is able to embrace both genres whilst reminding us that the stripper style is still a healthy and important part of the industry.

Pantera has won numerous pole dancing titles and is also an accomplished judge in the world of competitive pole Pantera Blacksmith Pole Dance Geminidancing. In 2009 she won best pole tricks award at the Miss Pole Dance World Competition. Despite Pantera's fame she remains down to earth and dedicated to helping polers of all levels improve their skills and continue their love for pole dancing. In addition to pole videos Pantera also posts fitness videos to give polers other exercise they can do to increase their strength and flexibility so that they can apply these abilities to pole.

Pantera's latest exploits include introducing a swinging pole to the aerial toy market. Her new death defying act sees her swinging dangerously from a moving pole whilst performing some of her signature moves and some of her newer tricks and combinations.

To give you an example of Pantera's influence here's a quote from PDC Approved 4 star instructor Amy Butterworth in her first experience of Pantera which sums up the experience that so many new polers had back in the infancy of the pole fitness industry:

Pantera Blacksmith Pole Dance Performer"I first heard of Pantera waaaaaay back in early 2006, not long after I got my very first pole (an X-Pole of course), when I was only a beginner pole dancer! My giddy mate came dashing over to my house waving ‘Pole tricks 101′  in her hand, and with the pole set up n’ ready in my living room we had the DVD on in seconds!  At first, I was wildly confused.  I remember saying: Nah mate, this isn’t quite what we were after; this is more like for circus people!

But of course, like a car wreck….I couldn’t look away!  Eyes glued to the screen, dumbstruck expressions and open swung gobs, the three of sat and watched this amazing woman with superhero strength lash herself around the pole with lightening speed and pin-point precision.  We were mesmerised as Pantera lay flat on the ceiling and laughed in the face of gravity!

We all went to bed that night, changed for life!  How did she do it?  Man I didn’t even know half that stuff was even possible!  Who is she?  Where did she come from?  This was a few years ago so if she was that good then…. what will she do next??!!  I didn’t know ANYTHING about her.  Today, my questions were answered, she invented the ‘Death Lay’, and I can tell you….her name is….. Paaaaaaanterrrrraaaaaaaaa!!! (Read the full interview at the Candy and Chrome website)

The Pole Dance Community is proud to have Pantera as one of it's Pioneers, Pantera is not only a great role model for pole dancers but she is an inspiration to all, she is also a part of the fabric of Pole Dancing history.

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