Gemma Dear Achieves PDC Approved 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Status.

Gemma Dear Pole Fitness teacher
Gemma Dear is the principal instructor and proprietor of Pink Ladies Pole Fitness in Essex, UK. Gemma started teaching in 2009 and has been addicted to pole ever since. Gemma received three references for her 4 star application from fellow pole instructors Sophie Logan, Lena Cook and Rachel Perera:

Sophie Logan said "Gemma has provided Colchester and the surrounding areas with a professional and passionate pole studio, which has helped to bring pole fitness to the Essex area. Quality pole dancing schools were not available in the area before Pink Ladies, and now it is a booming business with regular students and overwhelming interest.

Balancing a busy family life (with a recent addition!) alongside her running of Pink Ladies, Gemma's hard work and dedication has allowed Pink Ladies to go from strength to strength over the past few year. Gemma is always looking for ways in which she can provide more to her students, which recently included moving to a brand new studio at a new gym and hosting master classes and photo shoots, she does this because she has a genuine passion for giving back to the students which have helped Pink Ladies become such a success, and because she truly represents what pole dancing is all about. This is why I believe Gemma should be awarded a 4 star instructor status

Lena Cook said "Gemma is an amazing pole teach, she gave me the pole bug nearly 5 years ago, and I have Pink Ladies Pole Dancersbeen poling strong ever since. She has allowed me to make pole my profession which I will always be so grateful for. Pink ladies pole fitness runs in three different venues, Haverhill, Colchester and Sudbury which means we have a huge pole school of around 100 strong regular ladies and a few male students, and still growing.

Gemma has organised many master classes, which has allowed pink ladies student to get some expert pole time. She has also had pink ladies in the press, spreading the good word of pole, and has also helped me run my own pole charity night, which without her wouldn’t have been such a big success

Gemma is currently taking on the huge project of creating a pink ladies pole dance book for our students and to hopefully be sold worldwide. Finally Gemma has trained six pole instructors who all work alongside me to make pink ladies such a great pole school, Gemma even keeps our training up to date by treating us to regular team training, with staff only master classes. There is no doubt in my mind that Gemma deserves to be a PDC 4 star Instructor, not only is she my teacher, my boss but also a great friend."

Rachel Perera said "Gemma immediately makes you feel comfortable and puts any worries you may have had to rest. Making the transition from one to one sessions to group classes was quite nerve racking for me as level one and two had all been one to one sessions. Gemma made me feel comfortable and introduced me to everyone so that I didn’t feel like a stranger.

Gemma is so enthusiastic about everyone’s successes and sometimes it feels as if she celebrates them as her own. Her support is a real confidence booster and Gemma is always there ready with the words of encouragement.

Through Gemma I had the best introduction to pole and she is a fantastic advocate for the sport."


Gemma Dear Pole Dancing InstructorGemma's Pole Dance CV.

Professional Qualifications:
PDC Approved 4 star instructor
Pole Passion & Burlesque Passion Instructor Trained.
Power Plate Instructor Certification.
First Aid Trained.

Workshops, Courses & Master-classes Attended/Hosted:

Donna Gant
Astra Taylor (Hoop & Silks)
Michelle Stanek
Susie Q and Toby J Munson
Becca Butcher
Adam Jay
Deb Riley
Jess Leanne Norris

Teaching History:
Pole Passion trained Instructor on the 31st May 2009.
Opened Pink Ladies Pole Fitness in August 2009 in Haverhill.
Opened Pink Ladies in Colchester in September 2009. Sudbury in February 20012. 
Opened Pink Ladies in Sudbury in February 2012.

Pole Dancing Promotions Involvement:
I promote Pole dancing on my website, Leaflets, facebook, Twitter, posted many video's on Youtube of students and instructors pole performances, Newspaper articles, magazines, T.V and wherever I can. I attend many Pole dancing events to show my support and promote pole dancing as much as possible.

Charity Events:
I helped to organise and promote a charity event supporting 'Strong bones children charity' held at Liquid Night club in Colchester on 6th March 2012. Where we also performed a Pole dancing show.

Pink Ladies sponsors Children in need annually, and we hold various charity events for different causes. I am always keen to promote any charity events.

Media Attention:Gemma Dear Pole Passion Instructor
When I first started teaching Pole in Haverhill the 'Haverhill weekly' Newspaper was keen to write a story on me (3rd September 2009). The same for the 'Colcester Gazette' (15th September 2009). The Haverhill Life magazine wrote a full page article in Autumn 2009. The 'Haverhill weekly' Newspaper wrote on 22nd October 2009 about Adam Jay coming to Haverhill (Where Adam in originally from) to teach a master-class for us. 'Full House' magazine got in touch with me to write about pole Fitness and how I first started (10 December 2009). The 'Haverhill Echo' asked to write about me in there success stories page (20th January 2011). The 'Colchester Gazette' wrote about Becca Butcher coming to Colchester to teach a Masterclass for us (17th January 2011) and again they came to take photo's and wrote another article when Becca Butcher was teaching the master-class. (9th February 2011). The 'Colchester Gazette' wrote a full page article on the success of me and Pole fitness. (25th January 2011). Heart Radio gave Pink Ladies Pole Fitness shout outs on the radio for sponsoring 'Strong Bones Children's Charity' in March 2012. The Colchester Gazette has recently contacted me as they are writing an article 

All the newspapers have been very supportive and keen to write about Pole.

I was contacted by channel 4, they are doing a documentary on discrimination and the stigma against people with Mental health problems. They asked if they could film us teaching a Burlesque lesson, we were filmed on Wednesday 20th July. The documentary was shown at the end of July 2012. Obviously advertising Pole too with our uniforms on.

Pink Ladies Pole Dance promo video.

AAP Membership Involvement:
Promoting the PDC as much as possible, I am currently putting together a Pole dancing grading book to help students with there PDC gradings. Grading Students. Encouraged all Pink Ladies Instructors to apply for PDC Approved instructors. 

Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:
I love Pole and it gives me great pleasure to be able to teach others, helping students to gain confidence, keep fit and most of all to have fun and enjoying all aspects of pole. My goals are to continue bettering myself and progress in pole as much as possible as there is always something new and exciting to learn. To expand Pink Ladies Pole Fitness and continue to have a successful Pole school with high standards.

I'd like to set up a Pole dancing activity programme to help women that suffer with depression / Mental illness. I want to help build there confidence, self esteem, something fun that is just for them to make them feel good about themselves. I believe Pole could play a part in this. I am currently doing some research then I plan to contact groups / Organizations that support women like this. 

We hold regular Pole Jams, Pole parties inviting other pole schools to join in. We are currently working on putting a pole showcase together for our students and instructors to show in September 2012. I would also like to have a full page on my website explaining about the PDC and encouraging gradings.


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