PDC Approved Pole Dancing Instructor Gemma Hopkins achieves 4 status.

Gemma Hopkins Pole Fitness Instructor
Gemma Hopkins is the principal instructor and proprietor of 'A Pole New Adventure in Sheffield. Gemma received two glowing references for her 4 star achievement from fellow PDC Approved Instructors Lauren Red and Sandrea Simmonds.

Lauren Red said "Gemma is a safe and knowledgeable instructor. She can teach moves without the need to demonstrate as her explanations are clear, concise and easily understandable. She can spot very well (as demonstrated when I went to visit her studio – she spotted me in a move and I felt very safe) and always fosters a warm, welcoming environment wherever she goes. She is honest and has an excellent knowledge of all things pole and fitness related as she is always travelling, attending workshops and networking in order to improve her knowledge and bring excellent safe practise back to her studio. Her studio demonstrates her dedication to quality and safety as she employed professionals to build and sign off all the work needed and provides mats and grip aids for students as well. She goes above and beyond to bring high quality, enthusiasm and dedication to everything she does."


Sandrea Simmons said "Gemma is hard working, a conscientious business lady, always striving to keep the name of pole dancing a positive one, at her studio she gives the students a great choice of activities and classes from different pole instructors, and her classes are friendly motivating and fun. Gemma attends lots of courses in order to improve her teaching skills and keep on top of her game, including spotting, flexibility and spins and tricks and other masterclasses. I have no hesitation in giving her this reference as I know she is a great instructor."


Gemma Hopkin's Pole Dancing CV.


Professional Qualifications:Gemma Hopkins Pole Dancing Instructor
St Johns Ambulance First Aid

Fitness/Pole Qualifications:
PDC Approved 4 star instructor
Xpert Pole Fitness Qualified
Spotting and Exiting course completed with Donna Gant

Membership of Professional Bodies:
PDC member since September 2011

Workshops, Courses & Master-classes Attended:

Attended - Estee Zaker, Karol Helms, Jenyne Butterfly, Alethea Austin, Felix Cane, Suzie Q and Toby J, Miss Glory Pearl, Keem Martinez, Deb Riley, Jo Dandridge, Hollie Webb, Cleo the Hurricane, Sally Ann Giles, Annie Norris, Bendy Kate, Donna Gant, Michelle Shimmy, Zoraya Judd.

Hosted - Deb Riley, Cleo the Hurricane, Michelle Shimmy and Zoraya Judd.

Teaching History:

Started teaching choreography at Butterfly Fitness in September 2011
Opened A Pole New Adventure in March 2012
A Pole New Adventure Studio Expansion in April 2013

Student's pole dancing success:
3 Students competing in UKAPP and others have entered local showcases.
Also student/instructor Laura Pearson placed runner up at UKPPC 2013.

Continuing Professional Development

Competition Achievements:
Competed in Local competition in Louth 2008
Competed in Lincoln Heat of Pole Divas 2008
Won overall Performer at the Manchester heat of UK Amateur Pole Performer 2010.
Competed in the Grand Final of UKAPP 2010
Winning beginners category in Buckinghamshire Pole Championships 2011
Competing in UKAPP Grand Final in 2011
Entered Pole Theatre 2014
Gemma Hopkins Pole Purpose
Professional Pole Appearances:

Performed at Pole 4 Purpose in 2010, June 2011, December 2011, 2012 and 2013 (See picture left)
Guest performer at Rainbow Pole Fitness showcase 'Through the Decades' January 2012
Guest Performer at Princess Pole Dancing's Studio Launch June 2012
Guest Performer at Zubaidah’s Summer Hafla 2013

Pole Dancing Promotions Involvement:
Working with the Hallam University Pole Fitness Society and University of Sheffield Pole fitness society  to promote Pole booking workshops for them to attend.
Working with the local Council to change common held perceptions of the industry.
Doing demos in both universities and city centre.

Charity Involvement:
Charity Showcase event organised Pole 4 Purpose 2010, twice in 2011, 2012 and 2013 cumulatively raising over £3800.

Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:
"I am aiming to gain my split grip inverted moves and my splits before I am 30.  I am also hoping to have more competition winning students and fellow instructors this year.

I also regularly host photoshoots at the studio with photographers such as Adam Jay and Claire Winters to help boost my students’ confidence at their achievements.

I work very closely with 2 former Olympians to make sure my students are in tip-top condition with their poling, one is a sports masseur and the other does boot camps.  Between us the students push themselves to their limits but are also very safe.

I am passionate about pole and have been since I first was dared to try it in November 2007.  I love watching my students develop from being quiet and shy to performing in competitions and showcases like it was perfectly natural."

Congratulations to Gemma Hopkins for her commitment to continuing professional development and for her ongoing positive contribution to the wider industry.