Featured PDC Member - 3 star pole dancing instructor April Seuyu Hsuing.

Black Velvet Pole Dance Teacher
Dark, Mysterious, & Beautiful- April Seuyu Hsiung from Black Velvet Pole Studio achieves PDC Approved 3 Star Instructor Status.

One pole dancing class, life was never going to be the same...

One fateful summer afternoon, a friend dragged April to a into pole dancing class...
and it was true love on first sight. Within 3 weeks, she installed a pole at home, and begin the rest of the pole art adventure.

To be good at something, one must be obsessed about it-she begin training at several different studios in the suburb of California...with the most relentless hunger to learn, to progress, to reach the next level.

With lack of suitable pole schools around the Chino Hills, Diamond Bar area for any serious pole artists, April partnered up with friends and founded Black Velvet Pole Studio, the first and only serious pole art school in Chino Hill, bordering, San Bernardino county, Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside County.

Their mission is to provide a non-judging pole playground for the women in the local area to have a place to explore their physical strength and to uncover the inner power that is just waiting to be exploded within every woman.

April's Biography:

April Hsiung loves to snowboard, surf, and pole. She loves to introduce her passions to other people. She believes that the challenge of pole dancing sparks something amazing inside of our body and mind...and to learn the next move in pole, gives her this incredible drive in life.  April can't wait till the whole world knows the benefits of pole art as fitness classes, and experience the endless possibility of its artistic expressions.

Black Velvet Pole Dancing ClassBlack Velvet Pole Fitness Studio

April is a PDC Approved 3 star Pole Instructor, certified by BV & DiscoveriesDance (Approved by PFA, ACE, AFAA), a member of PDC Advancement & Accreditation Program, an authorized PDC Grading Assessor, and a Level 1 Snowboard Instructor certified by PSIA-AAIS. She also holds FirstAid/CPR/AED certification.

As a proud member of PDC's Advancement & Accreditation Program (AAP), April is committed to ongoing training in order to provide the students a safe and loving environment.

About Black Velvet Pole Studio:

Black Velvet Pole Dancing Instructor
Black Velvet Pole Studio currently runs 22 scheduled pole fitness class from Level 1 to Level 4. They truly understand the needs of their students.There are also Sultry Dance, Core Strength, Stretching Class weekly to help student build up flexibility and core strength.

In addition, Level Up Weekend workshops are also offered to members at discount price to help the transition into the next level. No matter you are brand new to pole, or want to get an awesome workout, or you are serious about pole art, April from Black Velvet Pole Studio will make you fall in love with your local pole playground.

To find out more about their pole fitness Class & Schedule, curriculum,  Workshops & Free Demo Class, Dancer Certification program, Instructor's Training Program, Instructor Bio.

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