Featured Pole Dancing Instructor Natalie Sabiston Cripps.

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Natalie is a PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor who joined the Pole Dance Community in 2013. Natalie is the principal instructor at Tiger Tone Pole Studio in Havant, Hampshire, UK.

Natalie has studied many types of dancing since she was taken to her first dance class at the age of 3 years old. Natalie gained qualifications in dance and performing arts when she attended college. Natalie also participated in regular gymnastics classes for several years when she was younger. She has always loved learning new skills and techniques so has a wide range of dance experience.

Natalie started pole dancing when she had finished college and was looking for a new challenge. From her first try she found herself addicted to the art of pole dancing! Pole addiction is well known amongst polers but Natalie got it bad! She says she loves the whole process "from seeing a move you hardly believe to be physically possible, to trying it yourself, to failing, to starting to understand what is required, to the practice bruises and pain, to the success felt when nailing it for the first time, to perfecting it and sharing it!". Her dance and gymnastic background prepared her well for her pole dance career. Because of her previous training her dance transitions, poise, posture, grace and flexibility have come naturally to Natalie but she has always had to work on her strength which is so necessary for pole dance. Tiger Tone Pole Studio Natalie Cripps

After trying pole for the first time Natalie soon bought herself a pole and within a few months was teaching beginners. It was then she discovered her passion for teaching others her most favourite hobby! Teaching any form of dance as a career had never crossed her mind before but from leading her first class she realised she was born to do this! Unknowingly to her at the time, everything she had done in her life had lead her to this career path. Natalie says "I thrive on being a part of the personal journey people experience from learning pole dancing. I love seeing the nervous, shy and unsure types turn into confident, competitive, and strong people! I just know that once they try it they will get the pole fever I got when I first tried it!" But Natalie's success as a teacher was not easy to begin with. She says "Back when I started teaching, pole fitness was virtually unheard of so times were tough at the start. I'm proud to say I was a part of the early days of spreading the word about pole fitness as a workout that is suitable for everyone. I was helping people realise pole dance is a sport and changing people's opinion of pole dancing and enlightening people on what goes on in a pole dance class!". Although this task is by no means complete, these days pole fitness is much more widely recognised and accepted. Natalie believes to be a great teacher you have to really love your art, and she certainly does!
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Natalie has been teaching pole dance fitness professionally since early 2005. After years of using inadequate spaces to train and teach she took the leap and set about creating her own studio. In May 2013 she opened her own pole studio in Havant near Portsmouth UK called Tiger Tone Pole Studio. Using her years of pole dance instructor experience she designed a space that's comfortable, safe and perfectly suited for pole dance fitness classes. The studio's success continues to grow and is going from strength to strength. Tiger Tone Pole Studio has hosted several masterclasses with big names in the pole industry including Daniel Rosen and Deb Riley. The name of the studio comes from Natalie's love of the big cats. She even has a tattoo of a tiger on her back. Natalie regularly hosts events to raise money for the WWF Save The Tigers Charity.

Natalie has big plans for the pole dance fitness future! She is in the process of organizing the first annual South Central Pole Championships (SCPC) in 2015. This is an amateur pole dance fitness competition open for all to enter with many different competitive categories.

Natalie has several other talents that she expresses regularly. She is a professional stilt walker and fire dancer. She performs these arts regularly to crowds at corporate and private events. Natalie is also a highly experienced podium dancer and is regularly hired for club entertainment nights. At her studio Natalie also teaches aerial circus hoop. Due to the similarities between hoop and pole this was an obvious art to also be taught at Tiger Tone Pole Studio.

For Natalie pole dancing is a career and a hobby so it is a massive part of her life. She is lucky to have a very supportive family behind her. Her husband is her studio handyman, her Mum helps with the admin tasks that go along with running a business, and her Grandad is now an expert in the construction of X-Poles! Her dog, a Siberian Husky called Timber, can even be seen on YouTube howling in her studio wearing a Tiger Tone Pole Studio top! 

Natalie is a PDC AAP Level 5 Dancer, Approved Instructor and her school, Tiger Tone Pole Studio, is a PDC Approved School.

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