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Syllabus DVD-ROM updated for 2014.
The PDC Syllabus DVD-ROM has been updated to include an extra 40 pole moves.  The price of the new 2014 DVD-ROM is still £15 + p&p (no change since 2012).  If you would like a copy of the new DVD-ROM before Christmas, please place your order as soon as possible.  You can order through the PDC online shop or by dropping us an email.

Existing customers and AAP members - Upgrade to the 2014 DVD-ROM Syllabus at 33% discount.
If you already own a 2013 DVD-ROM Syllabus (bought through PDC), or you received yours free with your AAP membership, you can upgrade to the 2014 version at a discounted price of £10 + p&p. Please just drop us an email and we will send you a personal invoice at the discounted rate.
To take advantage of this upgrade offer, you must appear on our records as having already bought the 2013 DVD-ROM or be a current AAP member.


Stock Sale.
We have around 50 copies of the 2013 Syllabus DVD-ROM still in stock.  These items are perfectly functional but do not have the additional moves featured in the 2014 version.  First come, first served, if you would like a 2013 version for just £5 +p&p simply drop us an email and we will send you a personal invoice at the discounted rate.  Excellent, cheap stocking filler.  This offer is open to the public.  When they are gone, they are gone.  Be quick! 

The PDC pole dancing syllabus is an interactive resource for all pole dancers, both students and instructors.
This is NOT a plain DVD, rather it is a flash based program that displays the syllabus on your computer - just as you see it online.



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