University Of Essex Pole Dancing Club Presents Inter-Uni Pole Dance Competition 2014.

Saturday 8th March 2014.

Essex University Pole Dancing Club
Message from Imogen Dolan, University of Essex - Pole Club President.

Hello and welcome to Inter University Pole Competition 2014! Essex University are delighted to be hosting IUPC for the second time running, with the competition being now in its fourth year. We had such fun organising it last year and seeing so many wonderful performers, we can’t wait to host again! We also hope to carry on the successes of the previous competitions held by Bristol and Cardiff.

The Inter University Pole Competition is a chance for universities across the UK to showcase their students’ pole talents in a national competition in three categories – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, with an optional Group Category. All competitors will get full feedback and there are no compulsory moves. The competition is sponsored by the Pole Dance Community and X-Pole and aims to be a fair, ethical and structured competition ran by students for students.

There will be 25 universities competing against each other.


- Sam Remmer
- Sam King
- Pippa Loveridge
- Kate SpinCity Edwards
- Cath Ballantyne
- Lauren Red
- Nathalie Barron
- Kristina Walker
- Sandrea Simons

And guest performer NiCo J C ModeStine!

The PDC approved judging system follows on from last year’s lay out. There will be 3 performance poles, one for each category (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Each pole will be watched by 3 of our incredible judges, equalling a total of 9 of the UK’s most respected pole industry people judging the competition. Each competitor will also receive professional feedback on their performance. We have provided 13 songs for all competitors to choose from, 3 competitors who have chosen the same song will perform it alongside the
other 2 categories to their respective judges, resulting in judges watching an entire category, letting them assess each competitor in a fair manner. We hope that this system will offer the best opportunity to the competitors to be judged fairly and consistently. I would also like to emphasise that each competitor must feel very confident in their category, particularly in Advanced. In the past some competitors were showing bad technique and dangerous execution, which compromises their safety. Our number one concern is your competitors’ safety on the pole.

We hope to bring together universities from all across the UK who share the same passion for pole, promoting good relationships between universities and celebrating pole dance between individuals regardless of level or university. Our wonderful sponsors also have provided some amazing prizes for the winners and the runners up of each category. We look forward to a fantastic day of pole!

Any questions please get in contact with us either by my email:, our competition and performance secretary’s email, Olivia Mella, or our facebook page:

Can’t wait to meet you all!
Imogen Dolan
President of Essex Pole Dancing Club (Club members pictured below right)

University Essex Pole Dancing ClubWhat is the IUPDC?

The Inter-University Pole Dance Competition is the UK’s competition for University student pole athletes aiming to showcase the depth and breadth of University pole talent in the UK.

The IUPDC will give University student dancers the opportunity to compete against their peers through our three single categories – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced – and group category.

The IUPDC will ensure our system of judging is fair, ethical and transparent at all stages of the competition.

Our judging panel will be made up of a team of experienced professionals from the
pole industry.

The IUPDC aims to reflect the views of the pole community as a whole, taking all feedback on board and working with the pole community to develop a competition
we are all proud of.

The IUPDC will educate members of the public and the student community on the true athleticism and artistry involved in pole dance and help to raise the profile of pole dance as a sport.

How does the IUPDC work?

Universities will be able to enter 1 competitor per category:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

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