Stripper Style on Tour!

Stripper Style Pole-Dancing event
In June 2013, at Hotel De Vie , the very first Stripper Style show was hosted by Jolene Whiting of Purity Pole Dance. It went so well that Tess Taylor, Jamie Taylor, Jolene, Lisa Williams and Robyn Rooke all decided to take the show on tour to show as many people as possible what kind of show Stripper Style pole dancing can offer.

The show consists of two sets from each performer of no holds barred, sensual and authentic pole dance. Free of the usual wardrobe, music and dance move restrictions you find at pole dance competitions and events. You will see the kind of pole dancing these performers have always wanted to do publicly but have not truly been allowed to as yet. But now these ladies are making their own rules.

The term `Stripper Style` was flippantly coined by Jamie Taylor several years ago and is also the name of her private face book group.

Jamie says “We all love stripper style pole dance as it’s  one of the most purposeful art forms of obvious feminine sexuality. The combination of assertive, lascivious dance, mixed with very strong tricks and spins, plus physical flexibility that’s used in way that suggests a strong mind as well as a strong body. Each stripper style performance unveils the truth that these days, sexually confident women are super healthy, super strong, super flexi and most of all, pretty unattainable. As we pole dance provocatively firstly for ourselves and secondly as a celebration of all the above with and for other women. Men are very welcome to the show too of course…if they can handle it.”

As for the No Nudity clause of all the Stripper Style on Tour show, Jamie says “ As this is our show, we all work together very closely and all feel the same way about what this show is, we get to wear what we want- which is usually very little indeed. I don’t think `getting the boobs out` would bother any of us, but we don’t think its necessary. Apart from the unwanted messiness of the legalities we would have to go through at each venue, we don’t think it would add anything to the message this show is trying convey. Our performances are so damn unique and provocative, we simply don’t need to.”

Stripper Style on Tour will next be hosted by Defy Gravity in Pembrokeshire on Saturday October 5th 2013- tickets are available now from or by calling 07866846221.

The third show will be hitting Croyden in February 2014, and Sussex soon after.
If you wish to have this tour near you get in touch with either of the performers to make it happen.

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