Pole Dance Grading Success at Polelatis in Dorset, UK.

Pole Fitness Exam

Under the watchful eye of PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Ally Franklin several pole students have completed successful AAP gradings.  All of these ladies are now listed on our table of graded dancers along with all the other students and instructors who have worked hard to achieve grading victory. Let's find out more about these amazing ladies........


Sam Messer (pictured top left) took her level 1 grading without hardly any input from her instructor. Sam has progressed well and been really dedicated to her pole classes for about 8 months and only 3 months after joining took part in the Polelatis showcase in December last year. She passed her grading with a merit.

Pole Dancing Exam
Faye Howlette (pictured right) is also Polelatis assistant instructor, she has been poling for about 4 years but had time out to have her son and came back to her pole classes about a year ago. She has gained back her strength and confidence and is continuing to progress with the tougher moves and combinations. She passed her level 2 with a merit.

Pole Dance grading picture

Angie Drewett (pictured left) passed her level 2 with a Distinction. Angie is a very busy lady but finds time to come three times to her pole classes a week. She is super strong but finds choreography very tough. she worked hard to remember her routine and also not slip as thigh holds are not her favourite.

Pole Fitness Grading

Heather Connelly (pictured left) missed the last grading but passed this one with flying colours achieving a distinction. Her routine was so fluid and executed all the moves, transitions spins and holds with elegance and confidence. She is very excited for learning all the tougher moves of level 4.

Kate Smith suffers form the dreaded clammy hands so was very nervous for her grading. She passed with flying colours and performed a very cheeky routine.  Her strength and bendy back are amazing, and on top of that she has a great personality and a really funny girl. she passed her level 4 with a distinction.

Pole Dance Exam

Louise Ward (pictured right) is one performer to look out for, she is sassy, strong, flexible , confident and a true perfectionist. Just two weeks before grading she injured her coccyx but managed to get better in time for her grading. This lady will go far in pole, she passed her level 4 with a distinction

Mel Leins is happy to have passed her level 3, before her grading she was finding it hard to just pull up into an invert but managed to do it with out any problem on grading day. She also was nervous of the spins, especially as I make them perform them on both sides. Her aim for level 4 is to get stronger, more flexible and improve her pole.

If you are interested in carrying out a pole dance grading then check out our article on How to Grade. You need to have an up to date AAP membership, all AAP memberships include a PDC Syllabus DVD-Rom and one free on-line grading. You can e-mail one of the PDC team with any questions about AAP memberships and grading or to request a copy of our latest grading sheet.