Go Pole Exercising at Optimal Fitness in Dubai, UAE.

Pole Dancing Dubai
Graciously hanging upside down from a pole suspended 15 feet high and conquering gravity by doing a suspended split, give way to astonishment as one can only admire Francesca Carlson performing pole fitness.

Her physique is lean and muscular, her muscles showing every bit of definition and strength and her enthusiasm for pole is infectious.

Francesca is the polefitness instructor at optimalFITNESS, a Dubai based gym facility and the initiator of launching poleFITNESS classes at its gym. While she has been teaching pole for two years, she has been an avid poler for over 6 years. She is the only qualified pole fitness instructor in the Middle East and, along with Lisa Karas, has inspired pole to become a recognised sport in the Middle East and a trendy way of getting fit and toned.

Her personality is a magnet for the people signing up to do her poleFITNESS classes and a great encouragement for all levels. With Fran’s guidance, attention and unique way of teaching her students easily reach beginner to intermediate level in just two to three months.

On the list of event organizers in Dubai, she has performed at several events and continues to push the bar on a personal level with her eyes set on the next challenge, that of competing professionally in the UK and Europe in 2014.

As a sport it is very strength orientated and technically based, incorporating flexibility and co-ordination and may seem beyond the capability of the ordinary. But Fran emphasizes it is about having fun, and once you don’t care what you look like and what you wear and just have a good laugh with a group of like-minded people, then you will soon be hanging upside down on the pole yourself.

To date her list of achievements include:

Only qualified pole instructor in the MENA region
The first to perform at major events in the MENA region
Spearheaded the launch and inauguration of poleFITNESS classes at optimalFITNESS gym, the first gym facility in Dubai to include pole classes
OptimalFITNESS has the tallest poles in the MENA region (just under 15 foot)
Performing at the national event 'Dubai Fitness Festival' (September)
Competitions on the cards this year are; UKPPC and Dubai fitness challenge
PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor since 2011.

To contact Francesca just visit the Optimal Fitness website.