Would you like the experience of being a judge at a nationally recognized competition?

midwest pole dancing competition judges
Midwest Pole Dancing is offering an experience to one person for each category in the Midwest Regional and North American competitions to act as a junior judge at the Midwest Pole Dance Convention 2013!

Junior judges scores will NOT count toward the final results for any division. This is an opportunity to gain experience and compare your results with those of the other judges who will be judging alongside of you! Applications will be considered based upon pole experience.

***To be very clear...junior judges scores will not in any way have impact upon the final scores or decisions of the professional judges.

picture above of judges from the 2012 MidWest Pole Dancing Competition.

Junior Judges at the Midwest Pole Dance Convention:

Midwest Pole Dancing will be accepting applications for consideration from qualified individuals wishing to gain their first experience at judging in a nationally recognized professional competition.

· There will be one junior judge assigned to each of the four divisions.midwest pole dancing competition judging
· The scores of the junior judges will not be counted in the final totals along with the other judges.
· Junior judges will sign the same confidentiality statement that all other judges of the event sign
· Junior judges may not have any close professional or personal relationship with any of the finalists in the division which they are participating
· Junior judges will receive a copy of the judging manual to help prepare for their experience
· Junior judges must purchase a weekend pass to attend the convention
· Junior judges will not receive any compensation for participating as a judge
· Copies of the other judges score sheets will be shared with the junior judge after the event so that they may compare their outcome with those of the professionals
· Junior judges experience may include any or all of the following: Pole dance experience, Pole instruction experience, other forms of dance/fitness experience, other forms of judging experience or experience judging smaller pole dance event.

*Please note: this is an opportunity for guests who are joining us at the Midwest Convention. Junior judges will be required to purchase a weekend pass and are not compensated in any way.

Simply apply online or visit the Midwest Pole Dancing Competition website for more details about the competition.