PDC Registered 2 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Jenny Coulling.


Jenny Coulling Pole Dancing Teacher
Jenny Coulling joined the Pole Dance Community in May 2013. We spoke to Jenny to find out more about her passion for pole dancing and her school Vertikal Pole in Grimbsy.  Jenny qualified as an Xpert trained instructor in 2913 as well as undertaking a successful level 5 AAP grading.

"I started pole in february 2010 and instantly became addicted, attending between 2-4 classes each week.  Although I have always been quite an active person and I've tried a number of activities I would definitely say that pole is the most physically challenging thing I have done.  It draws on both explosive strength, core stability and flexibility, and when it comes to routines it is one of the most energetically intensive 5 minutes a person can do!"

"There are always new moves to learn and new challenges to conquer with pole, and I have found it amazing how quickly progress can be made with some regular practice.  Moves that seem impossible at first try are soon achieved, which is very satisfying and motivating.  Of course there are also moves which require a much longer build up of strength and/or flexibility, I have been training iron x for almost a year now and it still alludes me, although I am realising that some things just take time and that's ok, I'm in it for the long haul!"

"Apart from the physical side of pole, I am totally mesmerised by pole as a performance art, and I love the expressive and creative side of pole dance.  I love all styles to watch and enjoy choreographing routines.  I have done a couple of local competitions at an advanced level, and look forward to competing as a professional once the classes are established."Jenny Coulling Pole Fitness Instructor

"I have taken over running pole classes in Grimsby since my (very well loved) teacher was commuting and was looking to scale back to her home base.  I can't stand for there to be no pole classes in my hometown plus I have so many pole friends now.  I enjoy passing on moves, techniques and experiences that I have learned and love to share my passion for pole with other people, if they get even a fraction of my enthusiasm for it then it's worth it, whether that be for just a once-a-week fitness class or if they throw themselves into it the same as me, or even more!"

"As well as running pole classes I do have a full time job as an engineer and running the classes is a hard extra commitment.  However I am getting loads of help from my fantastic pole friends as we are trying to run Vertikal Pole Grimsby as a club.  I am really looking forward to all of the activities and adventures that this will bring and so far teaching classes has been a very satisfying experience."

The Pole Dance Community would like to wish Jenny and her students at Vertikal Pole all the best for the future and hope they all enjoy their pole dancing progression.

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