Who are the PDC and what are the benefits of joining?

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The Pole Dance Community (PDC) was set up in 2009 by husband and wife team, Sid and Sam Remmer.  Its mission was to create a membership system allowing professional pole instructors to self regulate the new and growing industry. 

The PDC Code of Conduct was designed by the members and agreed upon as well as minimum training requirements and fair pricing policies.  By these measures PDC membership became the way to recognise legitimate, professionally run pole schools. 

PDC also works as an advocacy group, talking directly with underwriters, politicians and the media helping them to better understand our industry.

Rather than following the usual format of having a President head the organisation, with committees and sub committees deciding policy, the PDC is refreshingly different. In essence, the PDC was created from bottom up by the actual pole instructors, from the industry's need rather than from top down for the benefit of the organisation itself.

With no leaders, presidents or committees, the PDC provides a new, transparent, self governing platform where policy is, for the most part, gained by consensus through an online forum.  On occasion, when consensus can't be reached on an important topic, we resort to one member - one vote, regardless of rank or position in the community.   

Providing an instructor can abide by our Code of Conduct and meets the training qualifications, they can join us.  We encourage and help instructors to achieve membership with us, raising standards in the industry and providing a pathway for career development. 

We encourage dancers to train with PDC Instructors to ensure they are getting the best the industry can offer.  We provide a universally accepted grading syllabus for dancers to progress through. 

Together, the dancers, instructors and the PDC system are uniting the pole dance community.


So who can join, why and how?

Pole Dance grading assessor webThere are three ways to join the PDC and membership is open to anyone.

You can register as a) a website user to receive PDC email updates and news, b) join as a dancer with our industry recognised grading system, the Advancement and Accreditation Program (AAP), or c) join as an instructor to gain full PDC recognition.
AAP membership is suitable for both instructors and students as it allows students to chart their pole dancing progression as well as identifying a clear pathway for instructor career development. Check out our list of graded dancers, these dancers have all taken an AAP pole dance grading exam to prove their skills. We currently have over 1250 AAP members!

Look out for the AAP authorised grading assessor logo (left) as this identifies a studio where you can grade.

We also offer on-line, video grading for those dancers who learn at home. Find out more about the grading system.


If you are a pole dancing instructor then there are huge benefits for you, lets look at some of them:

We currently comprise over 600 professional pole dancing instructors from across the globe who have agreed to comply with the PDC code of conduct. The code has been developed by our members to ensure best practice by PDC instructors. Students can look for the PDC Approved logos and rest assured that they are choosing a great instructor.Pole Dance Community Promo picture


  1. Recognition as a pole professional with the right to use the PDC logo.

  2. Access to a private, troll free forum where you can chat candidly with fellow instructors about your business, the pole world and PDC policy.

  3. Ongoing publicity - enter your own events and special classes on the PDC website's events page (we also print and send out your events details by  post).

  4. Promotion of your studio on our website's magazine pages, a listing of your address and contact details on our map page and public confirmation of your status on the official instructor list.

  5. We provide annual checks to confirm that your insurance and first aid are up to date and fit for purpose (we can also provide UK insurance through our own scheme, provided by Pro-Fit where all PDC instructors are guaranteed acceptance).

  6. The opportunity to be a PDC grading assessor, allowing you to conduct gradings for your own students and others on behalf of the PDC.

  7. Discounts on PDC products, so you can earn income as a reseller of AAP membership, the PDC Syllabus book and DVD-ROM.

Other governing bodies have charged instructors in the region of £100 to £200/year for far fewer benefits - PDC does all this for just £30 per year!


Pole-Dance Community Nico Modestine
PDC Pole Dance Teacher Training:

We also have several PDC approved course providers who offer genuine, professional teacher training either in-house or on-line for budding and existing pole dancing instructors.

They are; Pole Dancing School Instructor training, Discoveries Dance Home Study Program, ETEDance Instructor Training, Spin City Teacher Training, Vertical Dance Teacher Training and Xpert Pole Instructor Training, Julie's Dance, Pole Studio Instructor training, VI-Dance & Crazy Pole

All courses have undergone a strict PDC assessment process and have been attended by at least 2 of our members before they are approved. All courses are run by either PDC Pioneers or 4 star instructors assuring you of great industry experience. We evaluate all course materials to ensure our providers are giving you the best training and great value for money.


So who else is in and how can I help?

Aside from our 900+ instructor members and 1200+ AAP members we have over 4,500 registered site users, nearly 7,000 Youtube subscribers (with more than a million video views) as well as nearly 6,500 Facebook likes.

If you would like to join us and help us make the PDC even better simply drop us an e-mail, we will be happy to answer any of your questions and guide you through the joining process.

Our mission is to unite the pole dance world. 

You are invited, and very welcome to join us.

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