Bitcoins accepted for pole dance products




We are happy to accept payments for all our pole dance products in Bitcoins - the secure and efficient internet payment solution.

By using Bitcoins, we don't have to cover Paypal or bank charges and so we can pass this benefit back to you in the form of FREE UK shipping.

If you are outside of UK and wish to use Bitcoin, please mail us for your reduced shipping rates.

For UK purchases:


X-Pole XPert

Designed with professional dancers and pole tricks in mind.

£199.99 - FREE UK shipping.




X-Pole XSport

Developed with beginner pole dancers in mind, whilst also being suitable for professionals.

£149.99 - FREE UK shipping.




PDC Pole Dancer Grading Membership

1st years membership of the Advancement and Accreditation Program (AAP).

£30.00 - FREE UK shipping.




The PDC Pole Dance Syllabus Book - 2013

Even bigger, even better.

£32.00 - FREE UK shipping.




The PDC Pole Dance Syllabus DVD-ROM 2014

This is NOT a plain DVD, rather it is a flash based program that displays the syllabus on your computer - just as you see it online.

£15.00 - FREE UK shipping.

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