All Wales Pole Championships 2013 (AWPC).

All Wales Pole Championships 2013
We are pleased to announce The All Wales Pole Championships 2013 will be held in the picturesque coastal town of Llandudno, North Wales, on Saturday March 9th, with the opening act starting at 4pm.  The All Wales Pole Championships (AWPC) was created in 2010 to give pole athletes and enthusiasts across Wales an opportunity to compete in their very own competition.


The AWPC is open to all individuals residing in Wales, with categories ranging from beginners to professionals, there is an opportunity for everyone to compete in a fair and safe competition.  The AWPC is PDC approved was also the first competition to use the PDC syllabus to define its categories.

The AWPC has grown considerably over the last few years and we have seen some spectacular and memorable performances and pole dancers take to the stage for a chance to earn the Welsh title.
Approved Pole dancing event

This year pleased to announce we have 4 very experienced and beautiful judges, Stacey Sneddon, Annie Norris, Karen Chaundy and Bendy Kate; with some amazing guest performances to look forward to.  We also have some fantastic sponsors, including X-Pole, Mighty Grip and Millie Robson Photography who have offered their support by providing great prizes.

We are very excited to see what talent The All Wales Pole Championships 2013 will bring and look forward to seeing you all there.

Watch the website for details of Bendy Kate master-classes at the AWPC.

Tickets can be purchased online at the All Wales Pole Championships website.