United Kingdom Pole Dance Day (UKPDD) 2013.

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Guest article by Miss Glory Pearl.

UK Pole Dance Day was conceived by the Equity Pole Dancers’ Working Party back in 2009. We wanted to create an event that brought the pole dance community together, an event that was entirely free, open to all, and that welcomed non-polers into our studios and  our world.

We chose our date - 1st May - as a tongue-in-cheek nod to May Day, when girls traditionally dance around a maypole to celebrate Spring. From the outset, we were clear about what we wanted to achieve - give pole dance a national platform, run something that was entirely independent of any pole dance organisation, and encourage a better understanding of pole dance in the wider community.


Since 2009 the event has grown and taken on a life of its own. Equity offered a broad platform on which to promote individual events, giving UKPDD a page on its website and funding the creation of our natty logo. In 2011, we ran a showcase, sponsored by X Pole, at the Riverside Studios in London that brought together a range of pole performance styles, showing UKPDD Pole-Dance Day logooff the diversity of modern pole dance and creating a focal point for the day. And in 2012, we produced a range of vests and t-shirts sported by some of this country’s best polers.

UKPDD continues to grow, but without pole dance schools up and down the country running their own showcases, demonstrations and taster sessions, it is nothing. That means, without your involvement, UKPDD can’t happen, and it is in all our interests that it does!

So, under the umbrella of a national event, we’re asking you to celebrate UK Pole Dance Day. If you’re a school, why not hold a showcase, demonstrate your skill in your town centre (shouldn’t be too chilly), or open your doors to the general public for taster sessions? If you’re a pole dancer, why not post a celebratory video on Facebook, change your profile pic to the UKPDD logo (copies available from the PDC), or go along to one of the events in your area? The PDC will be listing all events, so make sure you let them know what you’re doing. If you’re a school and would like help publicising your event locally, contact the PDC for the UKPDD press pack.

And finally, what’s a national celebration of pole dance without a competition? Let us know what you’re planning for UKPDD 2013 and the most creative entries will receive an exclusive UKPDD vest, with our logo splashed across the front. Deadline for entries is 31st March 2013 so get planning!

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