University Pole Dancing Logo Competition 2012 Finalists.

 Pink Pole Dancing image

We are proud to announce the 3 finalists in our University Pole Dancing Logo competition 2012. The 3 finalists were chosen by our guest judge Nikki Wright McNeill (pictured right) . Nikki is currently in the finals of the UK business start up awards and she is the founder of Pole Motion and Global Publicity.  

Over the last few years fitness pole dancing has exploded into the mainstream sports arena and continues to grow as a fitness trend. This trend has spread to universities most of which now have pole dancing clubs/societies to allow their students to partake in fitness pole dancing. Whilst the industry has moved forward not all of the university club logos have evolved with the same endeavour.

As an advisory body to pole dancing schools across the globe we wanted to identify the best university club logo to demonstrate how important it is to brand your product appropriately so that fitness pole dancing continues to get the credit it deserves.

The 3 finalists:

Huddersfield University Pole Dancing Academy

Huddersfield University Pole dancing academy

Sussex Pole Dancing Society

Sussex Pole Dancing Society

University of West England

University West England Pole Society


Voting is free.
Please vote for the logo that you think best portrays fitness pole dancing and promotes pole dancing as a sport/art.
Deadline for voting is 14th December 2012.


X-pole, Spinny Tbags, Pole Motion, Mighty Grip, Wink Designs.

Prizes for the winning logo:

1 x 40mm chrome X-pole
Pole Dance Community Syllabus Book
6 AAP memberships for the club/society committee
Feature on the PDC website for the winning club/society
Personalised clothing from Spinny Tbags
Pole Motion - Mika Clothing and Pole Motion DVD
Mighty grip products
Wink Designs Clothing

If you have any questions simply e-mail Pole Dance Community. Also if you would like your club/society to receive updates about next years logo competition as well as updates on inter-university pole dance competitions and events e-mail Pole Dance Community with the subject 'Interuni'.