Tracey Simmonds - PDC Approved 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor.

Tracey Simmonds fitness pole dancing instructor
Tracey Simmonds is renowned throughout the pole dancing industry for her amazing pole skills and extreme professionalism. Tracey runs the Pole Studio South Africa in Pretoria. Tracey received her references from fellow PDC Approved Instructors Sarah Brown and Sam Remmer.

Reference from Sarah Brown - The Pole Studio UK "Tracey Simmonds is one of the most professional, approachable and experienced pole instructors in the world. She teaches all levels, all over the world, from one to one’s, to master-classes. She has also produced her own instructional DVD series, which are very popular. She also wrote The Pole Studio’s REPS approved instructor training programmes, for Levels 1 to 3, which took nearly two years. Each programme has been awarded 16 CPD REPS points, a mark of Tracey’s experience and knowledge on teaching pole fitness."

Reference from Sam Remmer - The Art of Dance "Tracey Simmonds is a perfect example of a PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor. Tracy is not only passionate about pole dancing but she is an accomplished performer and master teacher.

Tracey is constantly undertaking continuing professional development as well as partaking in numerous public experiences from expo's to competitions where she showcases her amazing blend of strength, flexibility and stage presence.

Tracey is an innovator within the industry and she will be a fabulous asset to the ever growing Pole Dance Community."

Tracey's Pole Dancing CV

Professional Qualifications:
(1) 30/10/12 (2) 01/2012  (3) 06/2011 (4) 02/2007 (5) 07/2006
(1) PTLLs (2) First Aid (3) Gym Instructor (4) Diploma of Higher Education Mental Health Nursing (5) Exercise to Music Level 2
(1) CYQ Accredited (2) SETA (3) CYQ (4) University Of Surrey (5) CYMCA

Membership of Professional Bodies:
Pole Dance Community, REPs UK R0072927, REPSSA 1027

Workshops, Courses & Master-classes Attended:Tracey Simmonds Vertical Pole Dancer
Pantera Blacksmith, Jenyne Butterfly, Steven Retchless, Estee Zakar, Evgeni greshilov, Marion Crampe, Pat Gush, Katie Coates, Elena Gibson. Urban Circus.
Active Isolated Stretching.

Additional Training with PDC Pole Schools & Instructors:
Sarah Ellen Brown, The Pole Studio UK

Teaching History:
Vertical Dance Instructor Training 2005. Pole Addicts Instructor 2005/6. Tracey Simmonds self employed Instructor 2006, ongoing. The Pole Studio UK 2009, ongoing. The Pole Studio SA founder 2010, ongoing. FIPO International Master Trainer, course creator.
International workshop/master-class teacher.  Creator of DVD series, ‘A Comprehensive Guide to Pole Dance’. And FIPO ‘Basic Trainer’. Pole Fitness instructional DVDs.
Created REPS UK and SA accredited Instructor Training programmes with The Pole Studio.

Student's pole dancing success:
Lucy Cork Miss Pole Dance UK Semi Pro winner 2011 and United Kingdom Professional Pole Championships 2012 finalist.
Odette Von Backstrom, Ingrid Lubbe 2nd and 3rd Place PFASA Pole Champs SA 2011.
Over 25 students passed The Pole Studio Instructor Training Programme in SA. Taught and created by Tracey Simmonds.

Continuing Professional Development:
Studying for Diploma of Exercise Science, and Yoga instructor from 2013.

Industry Contribution

Competition Achievements:
Miss Pole Dance UK Winner 2006, Best Tricks + Best Personality
European Pole Championships 1st Runner Up 2008
Miss Pole Dance UK 1st Runner Up 2008
Miss Pole Dance UK 1st Runner up 2009
6th Place, World Pole Sport and Fitness 2009
1st Runner up in Pole Fitness IPC Hong 2012
Pole Art 2012, Sweden, Finalist.

Tracey Simmonds pole dancing picture
Professional Pole Appearances:

Classic Arnold Sports Expo Madrid, October 2012
PFASA Pole Fitness Competition 2012, organiser, judge and guest artist, Pretoria March 2012
St Yves, corporate party, Cape Town December 2011
Polesque, Boksburg, South Africa, guest artist, November 2011
Loerie Awards party, Trinity, Cape Town September 2011
Pole Unity Charity Showcase organiser and guest performer, Johannesburg, June 2011
Mcqueens, London May 2011
TG 21st Birthday Party, Coronet, London May 2011
Go Expo, Guest performer and workshop leader, Helsinki March 2011
Pole Dance Fitness Championships SA 2010, Guest Performer
Look and Feel Good Expo, South Africa 2010
The Pole Studio Summer Pole Party, Surrey, 2010
Momentum, Sun City South Africa 2010
Pole4Fit Finland 2009, 2010, 2011
London Erotica 2009, 2010
Torture Garden London 2009, 2010, 2011
Sexpo South Africa 2008, 2009, 2010
Trinity Rooms, Ireland 2010
Miss Pole Dance UK 2009 runner up
Jet Black/ The Fuel Girls 2009
Miss Pole Dance World finalist 2009
Erotica Finland, September 2009
A Comprehensive Guide to Pole Dance, London 2009
“Pigalle” TV drama, Lincoln TV, Paris. June 2009
Hi-Tec Launch Johannesburg, May 2009
Ice Club, pole and aerial hoop performances, Puerto Rico. October-December 2008
Miss Pole Dance UK 2008 competitor, winner of Best Tricks, and first runner up overall. London, October 2008
Miss Pole dance South Africa, judging panel October 2008
Diesel Denim advertising campaign photo shoot March 2008
Filth and Wisdom, film shoot. Casted and directed by Madonna. May 2007
Spiderman 3 premier after party, Freemason’s Hall, London April 2007
‘The Bikers Image Revolution’ Juncos, Puerto Rico March 2007
Harpers Night Club, Guildford, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Winner of Miss Pole Dance UK and best tricks winner 2006
GQ/Courvoisier Party, The Paper Club, London, November 2006
Nick Loves film ‘Outlaw’, March 2007.
Bethnal Green July 2006
Dalston, London 2006
Miss Pole Princess 2006, Essex. March 2006
Ewhurst Green Polo Club, Easter 2006

Judging Involvement:
Head judge, organiser, co-creator of PFASA Competition 2012 judging system.
Judge for Miss Pole Dance SA 2008

Tracey Simmonds co-founded and operates PFASA.
PFASA sponsored: Carmi Kruger and Jose Rodrigues, Venessa Clack to compete in London at the World Pole Fitness Competition organised by KT Coates July 2012.
Tracey Simmonds is sponsored by Ahslport Fitpole from Finland.

Pole Dancing Promotions Involvement:
Fitpole, FIPO poles and training concept.
PFASA Pole Unity and PFASA competition co-organiser.

Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:
The promotion of pole fitness as a reputable and beneficial form of exercise. To work with instructors internationally, who share this goal. To promote and practice high standards of pole fitness instruction.