UK Pole Schools Showcase 2013.

UK Pole Schools Showcase  logo 2013UK Pole Schools Showcase is an annual event organised by PDC Approved Pole Dance School Northern Pole Dance. The event is being held on 23rd March 2013 at The Peoples Theatre, Stephenson Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne. The Theatre has a 510 person capacity.

What's it all about?

NPD "With the sad news in 2011 that there would be no more Pole Unity, everyone at Northern Pole Dance decided we needed to ensure this opportunity was still available in the UK. There are lots and lots of competitions available, but many schools don't like to take part in competitions. So we decided to ensure that all schools are catered for in the Pole World. UK Pole Showcase was born and the first Showcase on 1st April 2012 was a complete and resounding success....!

This Showcase is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to perform in a non-competitive environment. It is a supportive environment allowing pole people of any level to get the chance to perform.


All we ask is that the group is between 2-8 people and that there is a mixture of at least one student and one instructor in each group.

It is a celebration of Pole Schools and therefore is open to any Pole School - this includes overseas Pole Schools. As it is a celebration of Pole Schools we are sorry to say it is not open to individual performers.
It is free to take part, although we ask that you try to sell a minimum of 10 tickets. Please note, although it is free to take part you will need to factor in the costs to participate - travel and accommodation, costumes, rehearsal time prior to the show etc... Please only apply to take part if you are prepared to put in the work and cost to actually attend. If you are not prepared to do this please don't apply this year, just save up and do it next year instead so you don't take a space from another school who wants to do it :)"

To find out more or to enter your school simply contact Northern Pole Dance. The list of schools performing will be announced on 1st December 2012.

Tickets are available to purchase from 1st January 2012 via the Northern Pole Dance Shop.