Pole Dance Grading Success at Polelatis.

Faye Howlett Pole Dance Grading
Students at Polelatis have made the grade yet again with another successful grading day. Many students were taking their second or third grading under the Advancement and Accreditation programme provided by the Pole dance Community whilst some were experiencing their first ever grading.

At the end of the day 10 students acheived successful gradings, all with either a merit or a distinction pass. All Polelatis students have worked hard to hone their pole dancing skills and they have been supported throughout by their mentor PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Ally Franklin.

Ally is the principal instructor and proprietor of Dorset based Polelatis. Here are the results:Lottie Ritter AAP pole dance grading


Level 1
Lottie Ritter 0610 Merit (pictured right)
Faye Howlett 0269 Merit (pictured left)
Angi Drewett 0611 Destinction

Level 2
Mel Leins 0446 Destinction
Tracey Jarman 0612 Merit
Emily Pye soon to be Davis 0267 Merit

Level 3
Natasha Macdonald 268 Merit
Louise Ward 0273 Destinction
Becky Laing 0266 Merit
Katie Goodall 0274 MeritKatie Goodall Pole Dance-recognition (pictured right)

All Polelatis students who graded are now listed on the table of graded pole dancers and have all received certifcates to mark their success.

If you are interested doing a pole dance grading either on-line (if you can't find an instructor near you) or in a studio environment with a PDC Approved Pole dancing instructor you need your AAP membership, this currenlty includes one free on-line grading.

For more information check out these useful pages  How to grade and Buy your Pole Dance Passport.

Polelatis students pictured below from left to right Angie Drewett, Mel Leins, Tracey Jarman, Emily Davis, Natasha MacDonald and Louise Ward.

Angie Drewette Pole Fitness GradingMel Leins graded pole dancerTracy Jarmen Fitness Pole DancerEmily Pye Davis pole dancing examNatasha MacDonald Vertical Dance GradingLouise Ward Polelatis Pole Dancer