Sarah Brown from The Pole Studio UK gains 4 star instructor status.

Sarah Brown Approved Pole Dancing Instructor
Sarah Brown has now retired from teaching pole.

The Pole Dance Community would like to congratulate Sarah Brown from the Pole Studio UK on her new 4 star status. Sarah Brown received glowing references from fellow PDC Approved Instructors Holly Gibbons (Pole Performance) and Stacey Snedden (Stacey Pole).


Holly Gibbons reference - Sarah is a fantastic instructor; she is very approachable and pushes me with my abilities on the pole. Sarah and the Pole Studio offer a great variation of classes; specifically Sarah focuses on the needs of her students and would not hesitant to promote another instructor if she feels they can offer different tricks or combos. Sarah is very supportive towards my own pole school and has even taught my students in her instructor courses. I hope to continue with my own training with Sarah and her instructors at the Pole Studio for years to come.

Stacey Snedden reference - Sarah Brown has developed one of the most respected Pole Studios in the UK, Her management skills and pole skills are amazing and she is a pleasure to work with. I have worked with Sarah on many events and it has always been not only successful but always a pleasure. Sarah is an asset to the pole industry and so are her Pole Studio instructors. Always friendly and welcoming. Sarah has also given me lessons previously and I have found that she is very precise in her instruction and encouraging during each of her lesson.  


Sarah Brown's Pole Dancing CV.

After leaving university with a first class history degree Sarah Brown undertook a career as a pole dancing instructor and pole dance teacher trainer. 

Fitness/Pole Qualifications:

ETM, Level 4 PTLLS, Level 4 Assessors, Pole Studio PDC/REPS approved Level 1 and 2 Instructor Training, Pole Studio PDC/REPS approved Level 3 and 4 Instructor Training

Membership of Professional Bodies:

Pole Dance Community

Workshops, Courses & Master-classes Attended:

Various including Felix Cane, Bendy Kate, Tracey Simmonds, Zorayah Judd, Keem Martinez, Jess Norris.

Additional Training with PDC Pole Schools & Instructors:

I work with Tracey Simmonds and Helen Knox on a regular basis. Tracey and I wrote the PDC and REPS approved Pole Studio Instructor Training programmes for levels 1-4.

Teaching History:Pole Studio UK

I have been teaching for since 2008. I teach from beginners to advanced and also choreograph routines for competitors. I train and assess instructors too.

Student's pole dancing success:

One of my students Lucy Cork won 2011 MPD Semi-Pro and has gone on to do various high profile pole jobs such as the music video for Nero’s Top 5 song ‘Guilt’. Another student Yvette Austin won the 2011 British Isles Amateur category. At The Pole Studio we teach around 800 students and obviously the majority of them do not compete. Their success is measured on getting a new move, something which I strive for all my students to achieve on a regular basis.

(At the time of publishing Sarah had 2 students who have qualified for United Kingdom Professional Pole Championships 2012)

Continuing Professional Development:

In 2012 I have completed my level 4 Assessors REPS qualification. And I continue to train every week and take lessons from various people including Keem and Tracey when they come over, Bendy Kate and Stacey Snedden. I am about to take my hoop instructor training course in the New Year.


Competition Achievements:

I have never competed but I am asked regularly by both Pole Studio students and students from other schools to choreograph their routines for competitions such as UKPPC, British Isles, Pole Divas and MPD.

Professional Pole Appearances:

I used to perform regularly for corporate gigs and in nightclubs but I no longer perform, I leave that to my younger girls!

Judging Involvement:

I was asked by Channel 4 to be on the judging panel of a pilot TV show on the pole world, along with Keem S Martinez and Deb Riley. I am honoured to have been asked to judge South Africa’s national pole fitness championships, the PFASA and the heats and the highly respected UKAPP competition in 2013.
Sarah Brown Pole Studio Teacher
Pole Dancing Promotions Involvement:

I have provided girls to X-Pole for promotions and I represent 5 girls who do regular promotion work.
I was involved with the Carolina Herrera perfume launch and provided dancers.

Charity events:

Yes. The Pole Studio has organised two charity events for Breast Cancer Awareness – one in 2012 and one in 2010.

Publicity and media attention:

One of my instructors Michelle Berry was featured in the Sun this year in their health section. And a high-profile client regularly mentions pole in her interviews although she does not say who teaches her but its me!


Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:

For one of my girls to win a major competition and for The Pole Studio to become one of the most respected training providers for instructors all over the world. And for pole to continue to grow and develop in the right direction.

Any Other Information:

I believe that the most important people are not my peers but my pupils. I have opened 12 studios in three years and I was the first person to actually gain full time studios in mainstream gyms in Surrey, such as David Lloyd. I work tirelessly to make pole and its instructors as professional as possible and believe that while I may not be the best poler in the world ............. my focus is the people I teach and to make them as good and as fit as they possibly can be. And make sure they are taught by fully qualified pole instructors.

Contact Sarah via the Pole Studio UK website.

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