Holly Gibbons achieves PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor status.

Holly Gibbons Pole Dancing portrait
Holly Gibbons is the principal instructor and proprietor of Pole Performance in East Sussex, she has been a PDC member since 2010 and is active within the pole dance fitness industry. Holly is passionate about changing people's views about pole dancing and dispelling the negative stereotypes that surround fitness pole dancing. We spoke to Holly to find out more about her and her upgrade to PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor;


"I am a hard working, well presented, adaptable graduate who is pro-active and motivated in continuously developing professionally. I have solid qualifications and work experience in environments that require self-motivation and a focused approach. I am a dedicated team player who has leadership capabilities, and uses high standards of communication ability.

I started dancing when I was about 2 years old, specifically in ballet. When I was 4 I took up gymnastics, and over the years I attended classes in modern dance, jazz, and hip hop. For my GCSE and A-levels I chose dance as a module. When I started university I was too shy to sign up to any sports teams but felt I needed something to keep my fitness up. I saw pole dancing classes that were taught in a local pub. I learned there for 2 years, when I wanted to take it further, that’s when I found Pole Passion. I received my level 1 pole dancing instructor qualification in November, 2008 and level 2 pole dancing instructor qualification in June, 2009. I have taken part in many master classes run by Pole Passion including training with Felix, Alesia, Maxine Betts, and Amy Richardson.

For 4 years now I have run my own pole fitness classes under Pole Performance at leisure centres in Eastbourne, Hailsham and Falmer. I also run the pole fitness society at Brighton University. It is important to me to get community involvement, and change views towards pole dancing.

This year I organised a master class with Triple XBex, she travelled down to Hailsham, where I invited my students and others from South Pole Akademy and Vertipole to attend. Holly Gibbons Pole Dancing Bomb

I regularly organise pole jams throughout the year, most recently we had one at a nearby studio (Klass) who I teamed up with, so our students could jam together. Pole Performance also hosts an Xmas jam and dinner disco, and yearly garden parties where we put r-poles up and have a BBQ in the garden.

Each year I organise a show case so students can plan then perform routines to their friends, families and fellow students, the last one was on 15th October at Brighton University on their Falmer open day so potential university students could see the type of activities that were available. I also attend Brighton Universities Freshers fairs at the Eastbourne and Brighton campus to do demonstrations and get students involved. Charities are also very important to me, for the Herstmonceux school charity fundraiser I performed at their due and donated a pole dancing class for their raffle.

For the past 6 months I have been training with the Pole Studio at Taylors Retreat with Keem and Sarah Brown, and they have been lovely enough to join me onto their ‘Hire a Dancer’ team.

Future plans are to take level 3 instructor training with the Pole Studio in March 2012, and train some of my students up to become instructors for Pole Performance in the year 2012.

Additional Sporting Achievements:


Sport Relief Mile, 2008
Team Leader for a group of students volunteering

Ball Girling at the Ladies Tennis Championships at the Devonshire Park, Eastbourne
I learned discipline and leadership, for the last few years I trained other girls to be ball girls and I became team leader for many matches at the tournament. I gained confidence as I took part in two finals.

R-POLE Girl at Taylors Retreat Launch
Kay at Pole Passion gave me the opportunity to be an R-pole girl at the opening of Taylors retreat.

Angel at Miss Pole Dance 2011
Pole Performance LogoHolly received her two 4 star references from PDC Approved instructors Sarah Brown and Helen Knox from the Pole Studio in Surrey.

Helen - I support Holly's application for 4 star instructor status as I believe she has a great love for the sport and throughout my time with her and watching her on the pole I admire her determination and passion for each move she does on the pole. Holly never quits when it comes to learning something new and each lesson I have with her she will always know a new move to show and teach us. Her knowledge of the sport is great and I believe she is a brilliant instructor who can pass on her love of pole dancing to her pupils and others around her.

Sarah Brown from the Pole Studio said "I support Holly’s Level 4 instructor status because Holly is a very experienced and enthusiastic teacher. Her pupils adore her and she shows them constant support. Holly is at an advanced level of pole herself and is continually striving to become even better."

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