Featured member Legend aka Susana Imaginário.

Legend Pole Dancing pictureWe spoke to one of our newest members Susana Imaginario from Dance Inspires. Susana is known to her friends and fellow polers as Legend and she has submitted her very own move 'The Legend' (pictured left) to the PDC Syllabus. Susana is our latest PDC registered 2 star pole dancing instructor.


Susana's pole dance history to date:

I’ve always been interested in pole dancing, every time I saw a dancer on a pole I would think “wow that must be so much fun!“. One day I watched the Oprah episode with Sheila Kelley promoting S factor and I found out that it was not also fun but a great workout. Unfortunately there were no studios in my country at the time.

Years passed until I stumbled across a video of Tara Karina on YouTube and learned how she started out alone at home and how much it has done for her and decided to do the same. I ordered my 50mm X-pole sport the next day. I hadn’t done any kind of exercise in the previous 10 years and had no teacher or guide, so I had to learn everything on my own from scratch.

Almost given up a few times, and I realise now how lucky I was not to get injured in the process. Fortunately after a few months of struggle I found StudioVeena and started following the on-line lessons there and educating myself about not just pole dancing but exercise in general. The rest is history. Pole became a passion, an addiction, a lifestyle, it saved me from depression, poor health, low bone density and self esteem, gave me confidence, strength and purpose. When just looking at videos was not enough I travelled to the UK a couple of times to attend master classes. It didn’t take long before I felt the desire to share it with others, so I started teaching, first just friends and other pole dancers around the world via Skype until eventually got qualified by Vertical Dance and opened my own small studio in Portugal. Unfortunately because pole dancing is still not very popular there, along with the crash of the economy I couldn’t make any profit from the it and when I also lost my full time job I decided to move to the UK.
Legend Vertical Fitness imageI’m now teaching at Dance Inspires in Headington, Oxford. Moving to the UK also gave me the opportunity to improve and try other skills. My passion for pole dancing is rapidly expanding to other aerial/circus arts, such as aerial hoop, Chinese pole and silks. I wish to continue improving, learning, teaching and experimenting new things.


Pole dance training:

June 2010 - bought my first pole
August 2010 - started Studioveena lessons on-line
December 2011 - Completed Vertical Dance instructor training, Beginner and Intermediate levels.
July 2012 - First aid qualification at St. Johns Ambulance

Pole dancing master-classes and workshops:

September 2011 - Natasha Wang Master class
October 2011 - Zoraya Judd private class

Other related classes and workshops:

20th June 2012 - Aerial hoop class
15th July 2012 - Chinese pole workshop

Teaching history:

July 2011 - started private live and online (skype) classes
January 2012 - opened my own studio in Lagos, Portugal
July 2012 - started teaching at Dance Inspires in Oxford

Other pole dance related work:

19th - 20th July 2011 - Staff assistant and pole cleaner at the World Pole Sports Championships 2012

Pole dancing achievements:logo for level 5 dancer

February 2012 - achieved level 5 grading as a pole dancer by PDC
March 2012 -  submitted a couple of brand new level 5 move to the PDC Syllabus: 'The Legend' and it’s variation “The Legend split”
July 2012 - became a PDC Registered 2 star pole dancing instructor

Pole dancing goals and aspirations:

I hope to continue to improve my skills both as a dancer and a teacher and soon start performing and competing.

The Pole Dance Community would like to wish Susana all the best for her pole dancing future.