X-Pole PoleAway - the latest solution for removable studio poles.

For many years the installation and removal of x-poles has been time-consuming for studio owners, whilst one pole is easy to remove and install much more time is needed for pole dancing instructors with multiple poles and this can in turn result in higher rental charges, loss of income and an unintended extra workout!

X-Pole have designed the PoleAway system to solve the issues experienced by some and provide a quick and easy solution for pole dance teachers with satellite venues or studio owners who have multiple activities happening within their studios.

Check out this amazing new system and contact us to arrange to purchase a PoleAway System for your venue.

X-POLE-PoleAway 001

X-POLE-PoleAway 002


X-POLE-PoleAway 003

X-POLE-PoleAway 004


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