World Pole Sports Championships 2012 - The Results.

Alisa pleskova pole dancing competition
After an amazing couple of days of preliminaries and finals the winners of the 2012 World Pole Sports Championships, organised by the International Pole Sports Federation and supported by the Pole Dance Community and the International Pole Dance Fitness Association, were announced.

The WPSC is the culmination of years of hard work from the organisers. The event saw the introduction of a fabulous new e-judge system developed by Sam Brown of Complete Internet Services and Anna Przeplasko of the International Pole Dance Fitness Association, The WPSC judges spent a day training prior to the competition to ensure that all judges understood the new system and the judging categories.

On Thursday 19th July the women's preliminaries took place with the judges having to whittle down the number of competitors from 29 to just 10 with the results as follows:

Women's Finalists:

Volchek, Polina (Ukraine)
Tatarintseva, Natalia (Ukraine)
Snopova, Iuliia (Russia)
Venselaar, Hanka (Netherlands)
Clack, Venessa (Republic of South Africa)
Plescova, Alisa (Israel) - pictured left.
Littlewood-Johnson, Joanna (Australia)
Marchetti, Alessandra (Italy)
Tomashova, Natalia (Russia)
Rame, Maria (Argentina)



On Friday 20th July the men's preliminaries took place with just 5 men attaining a place in the prestigious finals:

Men's Finalists:Guilherme Wandresen male pole dancer

Wandresen, Guilherme (Brazil) - pictured right.
Saunier, Guillaume (France)
Greshilov, Eugeny (Russia)
Naka, Kazuya (Japan)
Modestine, Jean (United Kingdom)

The audience was now ready to watch an amazing set of finalists compete for the title of World Pole Sports Champion. It was a tough decision for the judges but the results were unanimous which is credit to both the judges and the judging system. Before the results were announced the audience and performers were treated to a guest performance by amputee Deb Roach, winner of the IPDFA's International Pole Championships para-pole category (pictured below left).

Women's Single Champions

Gold Natalia Tatarintseva Ukraine
Silver Alessandra Marchetti Italy
Bronze Polina Volchek Russia

Deb Roach pole dancing parapole dancer
Men's Single Champions

Gold Eugeny Greshilov  Russia
Silver Guillaume Saunier France
Bronze Kazuya Naka Japan

Double's Champions

Gold Ruth Mansfield and Tiffany Downes (AKA Enchanted)  Australia
Silver Sarah Scott and Bendy Kate United Kingdom
Bronze Kazuya Naka and Masayo Okamoto Japan

The Pole Dance Community would like to congratulate all who made this competition possible, the world now has a real stage for it's elite pole sports performers to shine.

Huge thanks also to Claire's Pole Photography for the amazing photographs used in this article.