North American Pole Dance Championships 2012 Finals updates.


midwest pole-dancing-competition
After the mammoth task of online judging we are proud to announce the finalists who will be competiting at the 2012 North American Pole Dance Championships and Midwest Pole Dance Convention.

North American Elite:

Amber Cahill
Amy Guion
Annie Tobiasz
Charlee Wagner
Fernando Avelar
Anjel Dust
Jennifer Kim
Lorinda Kay
Mary Kolacinski
Nadia Shariff
Rhiannon Nicole
Samantha Cuomo

North American Masters:

Andrea Requelime
Gina Orrico-Hensley
Greta Ponterelli
Judy Jovanelly
Joy Weickert
Kelly Wood
Lesley Ruskaup
Paula Berbeco
Patti Zikmund (returning from last year)
Rosana Monteiro

Midwest Regional Elite:midwest pole dancing competition lindy

Crystal Harris (returning from last year)
Dana Miklos
Danielle Caine
Kyrsten Grimm
Mary Brumbaugh
Melissa Schrader
Marina Heck
Olena Trefanos
Rebecca Buck
Sara Becker
Sashya Dean
Tiffany McDaniel (returning from last year)

Picture right of Lyndi Rongisch at the 2011 Midwest pole dancing competition.

Midwest Regional Essential Pole:

Christine Engelsman
Danielle Zack
Diana Sekura (returning from last year)
Ivonne Furneaux
Jhani Miller
Jill Olig (returning from last year)
Lori Martin
Melissa Dragovan
Michelle Kieler
Molly Hebda
Nekia Morris (returning from last year)


2012 Guest Pole Dance Performers:

Annemarie Davies - United Pole Artists
Kelly Yvonne - Girl Next Door
Leigh Ann Reilly - Owner Be Spun
Lindsey Kimura - Marketing Manager for X-Pole
Michelle Mynx - Gravity Plays Favorites.


2012 Judges (also performing)

Alethea Austin
Amber Richard
Estee Zakar
Fawnia Dietrich
Jamilla Deville
Karol Helms

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For any additional information please contact competition promoter and PDC Pioneer Mary Ellyn Weissmann via the Midwest pole dancing website.

The North American Pole Dancing Championships are sponsored by X-pole and are a PDC Approved competition and a PFA sanctioned event.