Mother and Daughter Pole Dance Duo.

UK oldest pole dance student
Mother and Daughter team Cecylia and Rebekah (Bekki) Metcalfe have been pole dancing together since 2010 and the unusual partnership has brought them even closer.


Cecylia describes herself as one of the UK's oldest pole dancers and she doesn't just do the easiest pole dancing moves!


We spoke to the duo to find out more about them and their love for pole dancing. 


The PDC Interview with Cecylia Metcalfe (aka CC or Mama Metcalfe) and Rebekah Metcalfe (aka Bekki)

When did you start pole dancing?

CC: About two years ago (2010).


Bekki: About 4 years ago (2008)

What got you into Pole Dancing?

CC: My daughter Bekki competed in Aimee's Northern Pole Princess and I decided to give it a go.

Bekki:My friend Gillian decided to start lessons so went along to be supportive and I have been absolutely hooked ever since!  That first feeling when you go upside down is so freeing that you feel you can do anything!

Currently what is your favourite pole dancing move?

CC: Fall spin

Bekki: Twisted Ballerina, Special K, Tick tock, and anything involving an elbow grip ;0)

What is your pole dancing Nemesis?

CC: Spinning shoulder mount and handspring (parallel handstand).

Bekki: Iron X, rising phoenix, and one day perhaps rainbow marchenko ;0)

Funniest class moment?

CC: I was having a lesson with my daughter taught by Jess Leanne Norris and I came off the pole rather quickly and flew across the floor.

Bekki: Was trying to do a baby rising phoenix but managed to somehow get my legs in a knot upside down and half up the pole I had to be unravelled and helped down!! When I was doing showcase rehearsals, my mum and I were doing a trapeze and I accidentally kicked her in the face (not hard though).  I have done doubles with my friend Jane and she sat on my hand, its a bit hard to carry on when someone sits on your hand!

Favourite type of pole to dance on?Oldest pole dancing student

CC: 50mm spin

Bekki: 50mm I have tried smaller poles but I just get the grip on a 50mm, I am loving spinning more and more.

Favourite music to dance to?

CC: Diamonds are forever is the first song I danced to in competition.


Which pole dancers inspire you?

CC: Jess Leanne Norris,  and my daughter (Bekki: I swear I did not get her to say that!).

Bekki: Jess Leanne Norris she is amazing, she combines strength, grace and the ability to defy gravity on a pole!  Anastasia Skukhtorova for her amazing rainbow marchenko, Sarah Scott her deadlifts are great I also met her at EPDC and the amazingly flexible Felix Cane

Have you or do you plan to enter any pole dancing competitions?

CC: I entered the 2012 JLN summer show where I got an amazing reception for being a 64 year old competing against her own daughter.  I thought I should put more tricks in when I found out I was competing against my own daughter. My next competition is Northern Pole Princess on 8th July 2012!!!

Mother daughter pole-dancing picture
Bekki: This year I have taken part in UK pole showcase with my mum, EPDC doubles final, JLN Summer Show where I won Pole Queen.  I am over the moon with this it goes to show what a passion for something you love determination and hard work can achieve.  I am also due to compete in Northern Pole Princess.  I have met the most amazing people at these competitions its great that there are such passionate people out there that love pole and everyone supports each other its such a great atmosphere, I have never encountered this in any other sport!

What hobbies do you have aside from pole dancing?

Bekki: I like Horse riding, singing, guitar and violin. (I could always combine singing whilst playing the guitar up the pole!!!)

What are you pole dreams for the future?

CC: Cocoon (Bekki: is that slightly ambitious mum??) No you need something that is hard to aim for.  I want to have my moves as smooth and flowing as Jess Leanne Norris. I want to take my PDC level 5!  I want to encourage mature people to pole!!! (Bekki:go mum!)

Bekki: As long as I can keep improving learning fun new things I will be fairly happy.  I want to encourage everyone to give pole a go.  I  would like to point out I am 35 and have had no dance training but doing pole has built up my strength, flexibility and I have grown in confidence. I would love to see pole as an Olympic sport, its way tougher than some of the sports out there if not the toughest!  

Pole has actually brought me and mother closer together we have regular road trips to see Jess, we get lessons and attend her masterclasses.  She is so encouraging and supportive and we actually laugh every lesson, if it was not for her I would not still have a passion for pole so I guess I owe her a BIG thank you. 

Thanks to CC and Bekki for their time and we hope to see lots of them at future pole dancing events and competitions.

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