Networking Advice for Pole Dance Instructors.

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A guest blog by Jennifer Michelle from Poleskivvies.

Have You Forgotten this Essential Step in Networking?

When you’re running a pole dance studio, everything you read on marketing will tell you that you need to build a referral network.

The thing is, almost everybody forgets the one essential step that will help you form that referral network. They don’t follow up with people.

Maybe you say to yourself you’re too busy. Or maybe you tell yourself that, if they had been interested, they’d have gotten back to you.
What you probably aren’t thinking about, though, is that they are busy, too. And unsure of who you are – so waiting for them to call you back is probably not the best approach.

Show them you’re professional.
Show them you’re reliable, responsible, confident – isn’t that what they’d like in a business relationship? So, be exactly that and get back in touch with them.
Pick up the phone.
Send them an email.
Drop them a note.
Keep it casual, but focused.
Tell them what you have in mind.
Mention the benefit to them of working with you (you’ve given thought to how you can help your referral network, right?).
Be (gently) persistent.
People rarely agree to do something new the first time they hear about it, so it’s not surprising that a potential referral partner would hesitate about pursuing your idea. That’s okay.
Stay in contact. Send them an email a few weeks after you’ve followed up with them and give them a link to your blog or tell them how well a demo went with another local business. Whatever it is you’ve proposed to do with them, you want to give them some evidence that you’re good to work with and they’d get something out of the partnership. So, buck the trend – and follow up!

How many items are on your to-do list that you have been meaning to get to? Is there one person, in particular, that’s you’d like to do an event with?  What’s keeping you from following up with them?

Jennifer Michelle.

Jennifer Michelle helps pole studio owners and instructors create a marketing strategy to bring in more students and buffer against competition. For more information, visit Jennifer Michelle Marketing.  Jennifer also owns PoleSkivvies pole dance clothing.